The digest of interesting materials for the mobile # 304 developer (on June 24 - 30)

    In our new issue, the creation of ubiquitous splash screens, the departure of the beautiful Joni Ive, a thorough check of applications in the App Store, paranoid videos, artificial music and many other interesting materials.

    I will talk about the implementation of animation transition from splash screen to other screens of the application. The task arose as part of a global rebranding, which could not do without changing the splash screen and the appearance of the product.

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    • (+12) Animated cards on SwiftUI
    • (+9)  SwiftUI and auto-renewable subscriptions
    Joni Ive leaves Apple
    Apple bought, an autonomous car startup
    Apple released public beta versions of iOS 13 and iPadOS
    How Apple App Checker Works
    Getting started with SwiftUI
    Creating a dynamic Popover card on Swift
    A complete guide to optimizing assembly in Xcode
    Animating UIButton in Swift
    SwiftUI vs UIKit - comparison when creating identical projects
    Using Sky Segmentation to create a moving sky
    (Almost) All that you need to know about Grand Central Dispatch in Swift
    How to create a widget for iOS
    MovieSwiftUI: movies on SwiftUI and Combine


    • (+17) Reduce the build time of your Android projects
    • (+13) What is Android Lint and how does it help to write supported code
    • (+12) Gradle cheat sheet
    • (+9)  Immersion in Jetpack Compose
    • (+7)  React Native Guide for beginner Android developers (with sample application)
    Google maps they will predict the fullness of transport
    Huawei will open the Ark compiler for developers
    Microsoft is preparing a tablet with two screens and Android support
    Design for a dark theme
    Why I stopped using coroutines in Kotlin
    Moving towards micro-service thinking on Android
    Migration to Room in real the world
    ViewModels along with Saved State, Jetpack Navigation, Data Binding and Coroutines
    Android testing strategy
    Cross-platform development with Jesse Wilson
    Tips for creating custom Views for Android with the Canvas API
    Multi - platform programming on Kotlin Native - a quest for mobile developers
    The first Android show 11 years ago
    Reinventing Firefox for Android
    16 reasons to publish applications and games in the Android App Bundle


    • (+22) Nevangery
    • (+19)  Paranoid video from Yandex.Money metap
    • (+17) Creating a listening application for viewing mobile MMORPG traffic
    • (+14)  Measuring the performance of Qt
    • (+12) How did the Mobius 2019 Piter (and a little about the next Mobius)
    • (+9) Arms race
    • (+5)  Saving on mobile cross- platform development: Skyeng case
    Mobile People Talks # 7: Asynchrony
    Unity Learn Premium will teach 3D development
    Podlodka # 117: Modern front-end
    Alice’s skills are supplemented with sounds
    New.HR Podcast # 1: Profession UX researcher
    Aichi Hype: German Klimenko
    Wrike launches Work, Unleashed 2019 contest
    Indie games contest from AppLovin with a prize pool of $ 300,000
    Bill Gates' greatest mistake - not Microsoft made Android
    Why text buttons harm usability of mobile applications
    I created an iOS application and got into the top charts in the first day
    10 tips for your programmer portfolio
    Getting started with the Facebook Libra programming language
    How to write good code
    Why your product needs a vision - my conclusions from WWDC 2019
    3 stages of programming: Writing. Avoidance Removal.
    Flutter for desktops: creating and launching an application
    Why user testing sucks
    How to conduct meaningful user testing with a small budget
    What is functional programming?
    Apple News: UX research
    Dark mode won’t solve all our screen problems
    AAA vs indie development
    mDevCamp 2019 video
    Uno Calculator: cross-platform calculator from Windows
    GIPHY SDK for iOS and Android
    WhatsApp Clone: ​​how to make WhatsApp
    DigitMarket: creating digital ecosystems

    Analytics, marketing and monetization

    • The 10 most influential books for marketers
    Superhuman: the fastest mail
    Ministry of Communications has returned to the pre-installation of Russian applications
    “Monetization of mobile applications in the 1st quarter”: SOOMLA report
    9 million people play Candy Crush for more than 3 hours in day
    Gucci made an AR-fitting of running shoes
    Google launched 3D and AR announcements
    Harry Potter: Wizards Unite: like Pockemon Go, but about wizards
    Analysis of the ten most profitable apps on the App Store for 2018
    Independent marketing research guide for indie developers
    What I learned by co-creating Dribbble

    AI, Devices, IoT

    • (+67) Making music: when simple solutions outperform deep learning in effectiveness
    • (+21) We use data in practice
    • ( +17) Airbus takes new heights with the help of mixed reality Microsoft
    • (+14)  Why does the oscilloscope need cryptography support?
    • (+10)  “Wait! Who goes?". Video surveillance on the porch
    • (+10)  Amazing features of neural networks in 2019
    The first LG speaker with Alice
    Raspberry Pi 4 came out
    Understanding Neural Networks

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