New 3CX SBC Remote Connection Manager in V16 Update 2 Beta

    Last week we released the next 3CX v16 Update 2 BETA update. It includes a rewritten from scratch 3CX SBC (Session Border Controller) Remote Connection Manager.

    Recall that 3CX SBCIt is recommended to use 3CX for connecting remote offices to the central exchange if two or more IP phones are located in the remote location. At the same time, SIP-signaling passes, as with local connection to the PBX, through the 3CX server, and the media stream (voice) passes directly between remote devices without leaving the office. This not only improves the quality of communication, but also offloads the external communication channel, “leaving” local calls within the local network. In addition, 3CX SBC tunnels all VoIP traffic through a single TCP port, greatly simplifying the configuration of border routers. SBC allows you to remotely administer IP phones - reconfigure, update firmware, etc., and also provides encryption of VoIP traffic between the remote office and the 3CX server to provide additional privacy.

    Together with V16 Update 2 Beta, we also released the 3CX Quick Start Guide in Russian. It is sent to the user (by e-mail specified in the parameters of the extension) when creating the number in the exchange.

    Features 3CX SBC v16

    The new 3CX SBC v16 has the following features:

    • Simplified service installation. To install SBC, it is enough to specify only the FQDN of the 3CX server and the authentication password of the SBC tunnel (3CX Tunnel technology) (see below).
    • Service management. SBC is now remotely updated and reconfigured in the 3CX interface (see below). SBC auto-update is available only on Linux and the Raspberry Pi.
    • Centralized monitoring of all connected SBCs. For each SBC trunk, the administrator sees connection status changes. Also available are statistics of the service, event logging and e-mail notifications.

    Note that SBC v16 only works with 3CX V16 Update 2. A trusted SSL certificate must be installed on the 3CX server (self-signed certificates are not supported).

    Install 3CX Update

    In addition to the standard update in the 3CX interface (only for Linux), you can, of course, download the full system distributions:

    Complete change log .

    Configure 3CX SBC Connection

    3CX SBC can be installed on the latest version of Raspberry Pi (Raspbian Linux), and it can handle up to 30 IP phones. Each phone is recommended to configure no more than 10 BLF-indicators, because status messaging download service. However, if you install SBC on Windows or Debian Linux on the recommended hardware , more phones are allowed.

    The computer on which you plan to install SBC must have a free port 5060 (TCP and UDP) and not be a DNS, DHCP, SQL server or similar network resource. In general, it is not recommended that this computer be used for other tasks.

    SBC connection from the server side 3CX

    Create a new SBC connection in the “SIP Trunks” section, the “Add 3CX SBC” button.

    Indicate the name of the SBC connection (do not use special characters), for example, HeadquartersToMoscowBranch. Then, on the connection settings page, copy the authentication ID and web link. These parameters are specified when installing SBC in a remote office.

    Consider the parameters of the SBC connection.

    Basic tab:

    • Connection information - connection name and tunnel password.
    • Network Information - URL and ID for connecting a remote SBC.

    Statistics tab:

    • Tunnel status, uptime, software version, number of calls and users for this connection.

    Options tab:

    • Tunnel Security Level (TLS or TCP)
    • The first RTP audio port number is the first port used by the audio stream passing through the SBC.
    • Enable fault tolerance - enter the external IP address of the 3CX backup server. In the event of a failure of the primary server, the SBC will switch to the backup one.
    • Logging and troubleshooting - select a logging level. Do not set the “Detailed level of logging for a long time” - this leads to overload, especially if you use Raspberry Pi.    

    The buttons are also available in the 3CX SIP Trunks interface section:

    • “Push config” - Sends the updated configuration to the selected SBC service.
    • “Update” - Updates the SBC service to the latest stable version.

    Install SBC service in a remote office

    After you configure the SBC connection in 3CX, you can install SBC in the remote office.

    Installing SBC on Debian and Raspbian Linux

    Command Line Installation:


    wget -O- | sudo bash

    Beta version

    wget  -O- | sudo bash

    Installing from an ISO image:

    After completing the Linux installation, on the 3CX Update Channel screen, select 3CX SBC Stable or 3CX SBC Beta.

    Then specify the 3CX server URL and authentication ID from the SBC connection settings.

    Now you can connect remote IP phones (connection mode - connection via SBC).

    Install SBC on Windows

    Run the 3CX SBC for Windows distribution kit and specify the server URL and authentication ID during the installation process.

    Manually updating SBC on Linux (upgrade from previous version)

    Update the APT repository:

    sudo apt update

    Update to stable version:

    sudo apt upgrade 3cxsbc

    Beta update:
    sudo apt -t testing upgrade 3cxsbc

    When manually updating the previous version of SBC (Linux only), the corresponding SBC connections automatically appear in the 3CX management interface. Select a connection and click the “Send Configuration” button. After updating the configuration, you can connect IP phones.

    Additional Information

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