Everyday Headphones by Case Guru - CGPods Sport

    Now many are moving through the “localization” of goods with Aliexpress, assigning new names to relatively stable products. One of the most high-profile examples of recent times is the newly emerged electronics brand from rap parties.

    Case Guru is no exception.

    The range includes numerous charging wires, safety glasses, covers, adapters in the car. However, they got their hype in the final of last year thanks to headphones and PowerBanks .

    Frankly, the guys managed to catch a wave of interest in TWS, literally on the heels of Elari, connecting the top-end Youtube to the promotion. About CGPods wrote here . And in fact, these are not the worst TWSs.

    The batteries they brought in were also trending. Wireless charging is increasingly penetrating our lives, so the banks look quite logical.

    And finally, another product - ordinary wireless headphones. They failed to repeat the success of the TWS-model, despite the fact that the promotion is all in the same top YouTube, but they found their buyer. Jack holes are increasingly disappearing from the smartphone’s casing, so more and more people are looking for cheap alternatives to wired ears. As a rule, these are hiking options for headphones for every day, to which there are no special complaints in terms of design and musical features: the main thing is price.

    They sound, by the way, they are absolutely normal. They honestly close their declared range, sound without creaks, squeaks of rattling at any volume, do not show delays in the video, so they have a right to exist in their category of "daily".

    By design and assembly - these are Chinese headphones, without outstanding attractive elements. Modest plastic, three buttons, flat wire. The wire, by the way, will not get tangled.

    The buttons perform their usual functions: play / stop / answer a call, adjust the volume and scroll through the tracks. In the same part, the battery is removed and there is a charging connector.

    The battery is pretty decent. In general, when dealing with different Chinese headphones, sometimes you have to carry two pairs with you. Everything is much more decent here. The claimed sounding time is 8 hours, this is a whole working day, this is quite a lot. In general, the 4th season of Lucifer (10 episodes of 40 minutes) on a single charge is easy (150 mAh).

    A red indicator indicates that the battery is charging. The fact that it is charged is blue. To connect to a smartphone, you need to hold the center button for a long time until both lights begin to flash alternately.

    There is nothing unusual in the structure of the speakers.

    These are classic comfortable earplugs with silicone ear pads. Headphones have the name “Sport”, which suggests their possible use during activities, so in addition to the dynamics there is a special mount for a more snug fit in the ear. It is removable. There are several interchangeable accessories in the kit to fit everything in size.

    In general, let's be honest: CGPods headphones are primarily about comfort and convenience. And you can find a lot of similar convenient trifles besides good autonomy and replaceable silicone nozzles.

    Here, for example, that I especially liked. There are such headphones in everyday life:

    By and large, there is one essence (though music creaks at high volume). But here the unit with the controls and the battery is located on only one side - there is no counterweight to it.

    Even with normal walking, this causes inconvenience: it outweighs, the headphones often twist, several times when they were not inserted in the ear, but dangled around the neck and fell. CGPods balanced this problem.

    A trifle, but nice. In addition, magnets that are in dynamics also help to fix them in one equal position.

    It seems like an ordinary trifle, but again, this is very handy if the headphones often just hang around your neck. There is a microphone in the headphones, audibility on both sides is acceptable for conversation. The headphones communicate with the smartphone at a distance of 10 meters, the Bluetooth version is 4.1 (A2DP1.2 / AVRCP1.0 / HSP1.0 / HFP1.5).

    In other words, like headphones for every day - this is a normal solution. They are lightweight, really comfortable and give a decent sound for music and for TV shows. Autonomy is enough for the whole day. Headphones are presented in black and white colors. You can buy them with a 25% discount on the coupon - HABRPODS until the end of the week.

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