Comic "Soldering is Easy" in the updated version (2019)


Good day to all. One distant day (summer or winter, I can’t even mention it) I came across an article from atarity , where in colors (in every sense) it was told how easy and simple it is to learn how to solder (I attach a link to the comic book ).

It has been 2-3 years now, but I still had a feeling that the comic turned out to be somewhat unfinished. Plus, many cherished him for some particularly controversial moments (take at least a moment with a board tapping on the table in order to remove excess solder).

And so, one fine May day, sitting at work, the desire came (and the possibilities pulled up) to finish the comic until some next stage, where some pages will be corrected and supplemented, and I'll add something from scratch.

A month has passed, and I want to bring to the judgment of God (well, or what kind of religious constant is there?) The fruit of my labors.

What are the changes regarding the respected atarity version :

  • format changed from 6 images to 4 (per page);
  • orientation changed from portrait to landscape (to optimize used space);
  • removed background (in some places it was difficult to read the text);
  • some old blocks are changed, new ones are added;
  • once again ran through spelling and punctuation, returned everywhere "ё";
  • introduction has been added (well, such, more for the sake of order).

UPD: changed the color of the sponge in all the pictures to make it more obvious the resemblance to bronze, and in the signatures indicated that it was a metal sponge.

Link to Yandex.Disk (PDF 17.5Mb)
Link to Google.Disk (PDF 17.5Mb)

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