How to combine the backs of two retailers on SAP in 12 hours

    This article will tell you about a large-scale SAP implementation project in our company. After the merger of M.Video and Eldorado, the technical departments were given a non-trivial task - to transfer business processes into a single backend based on SAP.

    Before the start, we had a duplicated IT infrastructure of two store chains, consisting of 955 retail outlets, 30,000 employees and three hundred thousand checks per day.

    Now that everything is up and running successfully, we want to share a story - how we managed to make this project.

    In this publication (the first of two, what the hell doesn’t joke, maybe three) we present you some data on the work done, more about which can be found at the SAP ME meetup in Moscow.

    Six months of design, six months of writing code, six months of optimization and testing. And 12 hours to switch the system serving 450 Eldorado stores throughout Russia, without violating the work of M.Video stores. Also, without the slightest downtime, we switched the Eldorado website with millions of traffic.

    It may sound unrealistic, but we did it! Details under the cut.

    In the process of merging the companies M.Video and Eldorado, we faced the task of optimizing costs and combining the backend processes of two different companies.

    Perhaps this can be called luck or coincidence - both retailers used the SAP ERP solution to automate backend processes. We had to adapt the front-end solutions to the new backend and optimize the performance of M.Video solutions due to the 2-fold increased load.

    Functionally, the task was divided into three (actually four) stages:

    1. Our transformational office with McKinsey consultants was involved in the design, architecture, organizational structure design, and target model selection .

      After analyzing a number of indicators of the already working backend of the two companies, the “M.Video” backend was taken as the basis for the development of a unified system. One of the main criteria by which the choice was made is the effectiveness of the company as a whole, higher revenue and profit at lower costs for a business operation.

      The analysis and design phase took about six months, billions of nerve cells of department heads and technical specialists, and a very, very many liters of coffee were drunk.
    2. Implementation in code . Here are a few figures from the project:
      • 2,000 routes per day, planned using the logistics module.
      • 30,000 users front and backend.
      • 270,000 goods in the warehouses of the joint venture.

      About 300,000 checks processed by the system per day, which are subsequently stored for up to five years in order to provide buyers with a guarantee, as well as for marketing research.

      Calculation of salaries, advances and bonuses for 30,000 employees every month.

      The project involved a team of 220 technical specialists who worked for ten months. Using simple arithmetic calculations, we get two numbers that clearly show the scale of the work done: 90,000 people / days and ... 720,000 hours of work .


      Further, the optimization of individual subprograms of SAP modules, about a hundred subprograms was accelerated five to six times by optimizing the code and queries in the database.

      For individual cases, we were able to reduce the execution time of the program from six hours to ten minutes by optimizing queries to the DBMS
    3. The third stage, perhaps the most difficult, is testing . It consisted of several cycles. To conduct them, we assembled a team of 200 employees, they were involved in a functional, integration and regression test.

      We describe stress tests as a separate item; they consisted of 15 cycles for SAP ERP, POS DM, PI modules.

      Based on the results of each test, the DBMS code and parameters, as well as database indexes, were optimized (they work for us on SAP HANA, partly on Oracle).

      After all the load tests, about 20% percent was added to the calculated computing power, and a reserve of about the same (20%) volume was also formed.
      In addition, after carrying out the above cycles, the analysis of the 100 most resource-intensive programs began, according to the results of which we refactored the code and accelerated their work by an average of five times (which once again confirms the importance of refactoring and code optimization).

      The last of the tests was “cut over”. A separate test zone was created for him, which copied our productive environment. We tested “over over” twice, each time it took about two weeks, in which we measured the speed of operations such as transferring program settings from the test zone to the productive one, loading open positions for stocks of goods and periods of unavailability of operations.
    4. And the fourth stage is the direct launch after passing the tests. The task was, frankly, difficult: in 12 hours to switch about 450 stores across the country and a large site, and at the same time not stop sales.

    On the night of February 24 to 25, a team of 50 specialists of our company and about 40 employees of consulting partners went on a “shift” in the office and the magic of transition began. We will talk about it in detail at our meetup, and after the second article we will devote to the technical details of our SAP magic.


    So, the result of the work was an increase in such indicators as:

    • The backend load has doubled.
    • The number of checks per day increased by 50% from 200 thousand to 300 thousand.
    • The backend load doubled.
    • According to the salary calculation module, the number of employees increased from 15 thousand to 30 thousand people.

    We will talk about all the technical details at our SAP meeting in Moscow, which will take place on June 6 at the office of M.Video Eldorado. Experts will share their implementation experience. As a result of the meeting, young specialists will be able to get a paid internship in a company with the prospect of further employment.

    Learn more and register here.

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