How to get a good text for 200 rubles

No way. We split up!

In fact, nothing is impossible. Good content is expensive, sometimes even very expensive, but what if the budget is limited and you don’t want to risk the reputation of the site. The following guidelines will help you cut costs while still getting good quality content.

Why this article?

In addition to the Miralinks blog, I work as an assessor of GetGoodRank, a site quality control service. Often articles for placement on the sites of the system get checked, and we note very low quality. Texts with errors are useless to readers and unoriginal. Such a text has no chance of either ranking out, or bringing users to the site, much less strengthening the brand’s reputation. By and large, such a text and money is not worth it at all.

Why for 200r?

We analyzed the lowest rates on freelance exchanges. In the cheapest segment, authors are offered from 45 to 65 rubles per 1000 characters of text. Accordingly, at 200p you can get text from 3000 to 4000 characters.


Working with text consists of certain steps. If we reduce costs and do not want to lose in quality, some of the work steps will have to be taken over.

1. Clearly state the purpose of the text , the target audience, idea and plan. Yes, there’s so much to do on your own. But in the end, you get a text that clearly matches the objectives of the project.

2. Find examples of such texts. You could just order a rewrite. But I do not recommend doing this. At one of the online meetings for webmasters, Muller mentioned that the algorithm prefers the well-known content that has established itself among users. If you create even a very cool copy, the chances that it will go to the top are extremely small.

In addition, when ordering a rewrite, you limit the author, who can paint his own original ideas.

3. Competent terms of reference - I have been working as a copywriter since 2009. During this time I read hundreds of tasks. And I can say one thing: the clearer the task, the easier it is to work with text. Create a single template in which all the necessary parameters will be taken into account.

4. Reasonable time - the less time the author has, the higher the probability of getting nonsense. The optimal time for creating text is 3-5 days. Even if you provide the author with all the material.

5. Make a selection of services,which will help the author check the quality of the text: checking spelling, garbage text, uniqueness (if this parameter is important). I still use the service of Maxim Ilyakhov for my texts. And although I often leave my option, checking helps make the text more readable.

It is not necessary to indicate to the author what marks the text should receive. The idea is for the author to test himself and improve the text.

Author Search

There are not many recommendations.

You can search:

  • on freelance exchanges
  • in social networking groups
  • according to recommendations (word of mouth through colleagues)
  • by contacts
  • make a request to past artists whose lyrics are right for you.

If you publish a vacancy on freelance exchanges, do not restrict access to the task for beginners. Among them are also diligent performers. Even the young author will cope with the proper preparation of the base.

Testing is often a waste of time. Normal text as a test, few people want to write. And one paragraph to determine how good the author is difficult. Examine the author’s portfolio, request links to texts already posted.

When choosing authors for projects, I often focus on the response of the performer: I never work with those who copy a template answer-blank. I give preference to authors who, in response to a vacancy, showed interest in the assignment.

You can save on texts in the Miralinks system and simplify your life through the service Accommodation + writing. In this case, the webmaster independently writes the text on the topic in the style and form familiar to the site and the target audience. This is often cheaper than ordering content from copywriters, and then coordinating it with the webmaster. The webmaster may refuse to post if the text does not match the theme, style, level of the site.

Life hacks how to improve the quality of text from a copywriter

Offer payment per article, not 1000 characters

So you save the text from the water, which often beginners pour in order to finish the text to the desired volume. Let the text be shorter, but the density of information per unit volume will increase.

Give up keywords

And although the keys are important, they work well, young authors do not know how to work with them. Often taken very literally and use direct occurrences.

Advanced machine learning algorithms come to the rescue, which make sense and understand what the text is about. In 2019, there is no need to use the entry “buy acrylic bathtubs in Moscow”.

Keys with broken grammar force authors to also violate the grammar of a sentence. The text becomes unreadable. The sentence is meaningless.

Opt out for water, nausea, and other technical metrics

They do not improve the quality of the text, they do not simplify the work of the author with the task, but they take time and force you to change the natural train of thought in order to tweak the text to the specified parameters.

That's all. I hope these recommendations will help you optimize your order of texts.

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