Welcome to the DroidHeads Meetup June 8th


    On June 8, a meeting of all those who are not indifferent to mobile development will be held in the Moscow office of Mail.ru Group . This time we will hold it together with the MosDroid and CocoaHeads communities. We will bring together representatives of both platforms so that the participants know what they may encounter when developing applications of the "neighboring" technology.

    The format of the reports implies a parallel analysis of topics, so it will be interesting to everyone!


    “Localization: expectations and reality”
    Dmitry Sizikov, Mail.ru Group, Pandao project

    Any developing product in the modern market has a moment when there is a need for localization. In most cases, it is expected that only a translation of a pre-selected set of phrases is needed. With this in mind, time is planned for localization and the necessary budget. However, this is another trap, because localization involves performing more measures than just translating phrases. The developer will encounter problems that he did not initially plan to solve.

    In my report, I will tell the history of the localization of our application, as well as share options for circumventing pop-up difficulties.

    “UISearchController. When it's time to let go ... ”
    Igor Zarubin, Senior iOS Developer, Mail.ru Group, Yula project

    During the presentation I will touch on several topics:

    • pros and cons of the standard implementation of UISearchController. What are the problems and bugs associated with them;
    • why the standard implementation did not suit us, and we did not use third-party solutions;
    • in what cases it is advisable to think about implementing your own SearchController, and when a standard solution is enough.

    “We go deep into Fuzzing and apply it wherever possible”
    Alexey Naberezhny, Software Engineer, Group-IB

    Everyone is used to tests: unit tests, stress tests, functional tests, ui tests. In the lecture, I will talk about fuzzing testing, how it works on mobile platforms and what tools are currently relevant. Let's go deep into fuzzing tests for iOS and Android (AIDL).

    “Keys, signatures and all that”
    Alexander Shalamov, iOS developer, EPAM

    • I’ll talk about the basic principles of application signatures, what technologies are used and how this magic works in general.
    • The report will be useful to both iOS and Android developers, its main part is about the general principles used on both platforms.
    • Such questions will be covered: what is a certificate, what are the keys, why do I need a signature, how does it work in Apple and Google?

    “AIDL in the Modern World”
    Victor Lapin, Advantum

    • I’ll talk about how old-school AIDL can be used quite well in the world of modern patterns.
    • Using an example of an existing and published application on the Play Store, I will show how our team implemented an audio player using IPC and share the pros and cons of this approach.
    • There will be a lot of code.

    “Swift + Kotlin = <3”
    Stanislav Talanov, New Cloud Technologies and Sergey Molyak, PapaJobs

    Let's talk about why it's time to stop being just an iOS or only an Android developer. And also about the approaches and possible disadvantages of a multi-platform approach.

    In addition, you will find a round table on the topic “Current status of iOS and Android development. Is there a cross-platform solution? ” During the breaks, tech-talks will take place, a quiz, there will be a lot of useful communication.

    Gathering of participants and registration: 12:00. The reports start at 13:00.
    Address: Leningradsky prospect, 39, p. 79.
    Registration is required! Do not forget your passport or driver’s license.

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