The digest of events for HR professionals in the field of IT for June 2019

    Congratulations on your early summer! Let these three months be fun and productive, and you will find time for relaxation and self-development. And to make it easier to decide where to start in June, we have prepared for you a digest of events in IT HR.

    Stay tuned for post updates, announcements of events for the second half of June may be added later.

    8th International IT HR Forum (conference)

    When: June 1, 10:00
    Where: Kiev, st. Dorogozhitskaya, 3
    Conditions of participation: 4,900 rubles (online translation), 9,550 rubles (Econom), 10,300 rubles (Standart), 12,750 rubles (VIP ticket)
    Organizer: IT Recruitment & Management 3.0

    HR Forum - this specialized IT HR conference No. 1 in Eastern Europe in its scope and content. Last year, the Forum was attended by nearly 400 participants from 9 countries.

    This year, 15+ experts, 7 countries, 18+ hours of cases and innovative work tools, 2 thematic streams: Recruitment and HR, 400 colleagues are waiting for you.

    Conference Topics:

    • Best Sourcing & Recruitment tools;
    • HR Marketing & Recruiting Marketing;
    • Employer brand;
    • Digital & Automatization;
    • Strategy. New ways of thinking.

    Details and registration

    "Secrets of IT-selection" (online course)

    When: beginning June 3, 10:00
    Where: online
    Terms of participation: 18 000 rubles
    Organizer: IT Recruiter School

    The course is suitable for IT HR and recruiters who want to develop in the IT field.

    In a programme:

    • Module 1 “IT-sphere: Immersion in the IT-market”;
    • Module 2 "Features of the search for IT-specialists";
    • Module 3 “Sourcing of IT-specialists”;
    • Module 4 “Work with the candidate”;
    • Module 5 “Work with the customer”;
    • Module 6 “Securing the material”.

    The author and moderator is Svetlana Petrovicheva, founder of Get IT and IT Recruiter school, TechRec conferences and TechRec Family recruiters community.

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    HR-environment (conference)

    When: June 5, 9:30
    Where: Moscow, st. Lev Tolstoy, 16
    Terms of participation: free
    Organizer: Yandex

    Yandex will hold a large conference on important and interesting tasks in HR, this year on the agenda is how to work with different generations of employees and how to make people happy.

    Program and speakers:

    • “Development of the ecosystem, the formation of a talent pool and educational programs of Russian Railways” - Vladimir Nikitin (Russian Railways);
    • “Recruitment. Evolution ”- Indira Chaadaev and Andrey Belov (Yandex);
    • “Drive and Drivers at Work” - Elena Stankovskaya (HSE);
    • Open discussion: “The happiness of employees of different generations” - Evgenia Mezrin (Yandex), Andrey Timonov (Rosenergoatom), Vitaly Kurennoy (HSE).

    A special online program with the participation of Alexander Maslyuk (WTF_HR), Grigory Sergeev (Lisa Alert) and Dmitry Malikov is also planned.

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    “Secrets of conducting interviews with candidates” (master class)

    When: June 5, 19:00
    Where: St. Petersburg, ul. Novgorodskaya, 5, lit. A
    Terms of participation: 1,250 rubles
    Organizer: SCOUT ACADEMY

    Each HR specialist has his own secret ways of determining whether an employee is suitable for the position or not.

    In a programme:

    • Methods that help conduct interviews more effectively;
    • How to bring a candidate to a conversation about values;
    • What are the meanings behind the answers of the candidate;
    • How to find out how effective the candidate will be in the proposed position.

    The leader of the workshop is Tatyana Brazovskaya, organizational psychologist, business trainer, entrepreneur, IT manager.

    Details and registration

    HR DIGITAL 2019 (Conference)

    When: beginning of June 5, 9:00
    Where: Moscow, st. Bakhrushina, d. 11
    Participation conditions: 30,000 rubles (1 day), 50,000 rubles (2 days), 65,000 rubles (all 3 days of the conference)
    Organizer: Inform Media

    HR directors and heads of Russian IT departments will take part in the conference and international companies, including Severstal, the International Olympic Committee, KPMG, SAP, Procter & Gamble, Coca-Cola HBC Russia, Leroy Merlin, Rostelecom, X5 Retail Group and others.

    The program includes:

    • Trends Digital HR. Industry transformation.
    • Why are people a key element of digital transformation?
    • Match business strategy with HR in the digital world.
    • Application of Big Data in HR.
    • Predicting employee layoffs using analytics.
    • Transforming employee requirements in the digital economy.
    • Innovation in HR. Controlled transformation.
    • Artificial Intelligence in HR.
    • Leadership in the digital age.
    • Using new technologies to increase staff engagement.
    • Improving staffing efficiency and streamlining business processes.
    • Switching to a remote format without loss of efficiency.

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    “How to write letters to developers” (webinar)

    When: June 6, 16:00
    Where: online
    Terms of participation: free
    Organizer: AmazingHiring

    According to many studies, email is the most preferred method of communication for developers. This webinar will focus on how to write letters that will be answered.

    In a programme:

    • The main principles of email communication with developers: personalization, brevity, transparency, attention to grammar, the presence of intrigue, compliments.
    • What is worth writing in each part of the letter, and what cannot be written categorically, we will consider specific examples.
    • Using tools that will greatly facilitate the process of building effective communication with technical specialists.

    Details and registration

    “SMM HR. Content Formula ”(workshop)

    When: June 8, 12:00
    Where: Moscow, st. Kuznetsk bridge, d. 7
    Terms of participation: 6 500 rubles
    Organizer: HR Digital School

    Communication in social networks is becoming increasingly important. Today it is not enough to be able to express your ideas and thoughts only in voice. You must be able to do this on social networks using texts.

    In a programme:

    • Headline. Methods for choosing a good title.
    • Text. Components of the text for social networks. Tools: Minto Pyramid; Formatting rules; “Cross out the excess”; Melodious text.
    • Creative Visual perception in the social. networks. The scheme of search, selection and image processing for your post on the social network. Avoiding copyright issues with images and creating interesting creatives.

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    HR Business Partner (online course)

    When: beginning June 10, 19:00
    Where: online
    Conditions of participation: price to be determined
    Organizer: LABA

    The course is built on the Human Capital Institute competency model and provides a complete set of knowledge in accordance with international standards. You will learn to predict risks, maintain a balance between top managers and company employees, systematically improve knowledge and develop your leadership competencies.  

    The author and moderator of the course is Mikhail Pritula, HR Director at the iDeals Solutions Group, an expert in introducing modern practices in the field of personnel management, one of the best HR in the CIS.

    Details and registration

    Geek Hunter (online course)

    When: beginning June 18, 19:00
    Where: online
    Terms of participation: 20 000 rubles
    Organizer: IT Recruiter School

    The Geek Hunter course is designed for middle-level IT recruiters who want to pump their sourcing and technical knowledge, as well as learn about new life hacks in IT selection.

    Program and speakers:

    • Module 1: “Technical terminology. Level up ”- Evgeny Povalishin, founder of the remote work exchange for IT recruiters;
    • Module 2: “Digital search tools for IT-specialists” - Svetlana Petrovicheva, founder of GetIT and IT Recruiter School;
    • Module 3: “Productive Sourcing” - Dmitry Dolidze, Sourcing Lead at Microsoft;
    • Module 4: Live Webinar. Topic: “Sourcing Practice” - Dmitry Dolidze;
    • Module 5: “Features of the search for IT-specialists” - Svetlana Petrovicheva;
    • Module 6: “Work with the customer” - Svetlana Petrovicheva;
    • Module 7: Live Webinar. Topic: “Practice on working with objections” - Svetlana Petrovicheva;
    • Module 8: “Evaluation of the technical skills of IT specialists” - Maxim Kuznetsov, Head of IT Recruitment, Group.

    Details and registration

    “Hardcore Search Technologies or 'Lazy' Recruiter” (mitap)

    When: June 25, 19:00
    Where: Moscow, st. Pavlovskaya, d. 18
    Terms of participation: 3,000 rubles (until June 21), 3,500 rubles (after June 21)
    Organizer: CordisON

    Mitap will be held at a fast pace of the master class with a touch of stand up and will cover the following topics:

    • structuring search strategies;
    • how, when, at what pace to run depending on the positions and their characteristics;
    • how to properly allocate priorities and resources so that it is not dense in one position and empty in another;
    • how to combine classic and digital;
    • how to recruit helpers.

    Details and registration

    IT-Recruiter (course)

    When: June 29, 10:00
    Where: St. Petersburg, Nevsky Prospect, 104
    Terms of participation: 25 990 rubles (seminar), 23 990 rubles (online broadcast)
    Organizer: Level UP

    The course is designed for those who wants to enter the selection of IT-specialists. The program consists of technical and recruiting modules.

    In the course program:

    • What and how is arranged in the IT sphere as a whole. Where, and for what these or those programming languages, technologies, frameworks are used. What do those you are looking for do.
    • How to withdraw an application and work with a hiring manager.
    • How to create a vacancy yourself with complex technical terms.
    • Subtleties and life hacks of searching for IT-specialists of different levels.
    • Search methods that have not yet been written about in books.
    • How to properly position a company in the highly competitive IT market.
    • The basics of HR branding and HR analytics.

    Details and registration

    Junior Index School # 11 (course)

    When: beginning June 29, 11:00
    Where: Moscow, the address of the venue is being specified
    Participation conditions: 15 000 rubles
    Organizer: INDEX

    The course contains all the information about IT necessary for a modern IT recruiter, practical tasks on sourcing, writing letters and interviews with developers.

    In the course program:

    • Modern programming languages, patterns, libraries and frameworks, databases and DBMS;
    • Methods and tools for software testing, development methodologies and processes for creating and operating software, operating technologies: clouds (AWS, etc.), Docker, orchestration;
    • Algorithms and data structures, hashes, cryptography, Blockchain, Big Data, IoT, AI, Machine Learning, etc.

    Teachers: Maxim Dementiev (Head of backend development at Ozon.Robotics and Anna Atroshkina (Co-founder of Index IT recruiting agency and IT recruiter).

    Details and registration

    “4 stages of employee growth in the company” (film training)

    When: June 29, 12:00
    Where: Moscow, st. 8 Narodnaya, 8
    Participation conditions: 3 500 rubles
    Organizer: HR Digital School

    The main task of film training is to give an opportunity to look at the working situation from the side, to understand what mistakes were made by the characters of the movie and how these errors can manifest themselves in our work.

    Training Topics:

    • The entry of a new person into a new context: adaptation strategies;
    • Stages of growth: from a programmable employee to a future manager;
    • What mistakes can a person make in the process of building a career;
    • Why a person leaves the company, or at what moments this idea is laid down and how to prevent the departure of a talented employee.

    Conducting film training Maria Savchenko is a business consultant, certified specialist in synalogy, author and presenter of HR Digital programs.

    Details and registration

    About event organizers:

    • SCOUT ACADEMY is a modern training center for IT specialists.
    • Yandex is a Russian company that owns the search engine of the same name on the Web, Internet portals and services in several countries.
    • AmazingHiring is an app for finding IT professionals.
    • CordisON is a consulting company.
    • HR Digital School - Online training for HR and recruiters.
    • INDEX is a recruiting agency specializing in the search for IT specialists.
    • Inform Media is the organizer of business conferences.
    • IT Recruitment & Management 3.0 - organizer of conferences in Ukraine and the CIS.
    • IT Recruiter School is an IT recruiting school.
    • LABA is an international educational platform.
    • Level UP - IT-education in St. Petersburg and remotely.

    If in our digest you did not find any events for HR-specialists in the field of IT that will be held in June, please add them to the comments.

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