Development practice in large projects: mitp SberPractice iOS # 1

    Friends, on the evening of May 30, we, the Sberbank Online DevTeam team, hold a free iOS meeting, where guys from Vkontakte and EPAM Systems will perform, as well as a round table with representatives of Sberbank, Avito, and Kaspersky Lab , where we will discuss the organization of the mobile development process and a lot of what has become painful and for which I want to be praised. Everyone can ask questions to colleagues, as well as actively discuss.

    But that is not all. Special zones will also be organized for discussing selected topics and other interactive topics.

    You can register for the meeting here , and if we have not convinced you yet, welcome to cat.

    Two main reports

    The core of the mitap will be the performances of Anton Sergeyev from Vkontakte and Vyacheslav Beltyukov from EPAM Systems.

    Anton will tell the non-trivial about the trivial: how and when is it better to use your own containers if the standard UINavigationController, UITabBarController is not enough. Together with it, with practical examples, you can make sure that making a container is easier than everyone thinks!

    Vyacheslav, a leading developer at EPAM Systems, will figure out with you how to make TensorFlow friends with iOS, what object detection is, talk about the unobvious, and, finally, show whether the game is worth the candle. And this is all exemplified by the application of a logistics company.

    Round table about pains in mobile development

    This is an interactive part where everyone invited by our expert colleagues will be able to ask questions and discuss with them. The table will be led by representatives of Avito,, Kaspersky Lab and our guys from Sberbank Online.

    Main topics:

    • what should be the processes of mobile development, what to automate and what not;
    • We praise how to make sure that developers do not interfere with each other;
    • we’ll talk about how to determine who is responsible for fixing bugs, how to guarantee a stable time-to-market, etc.

    Discussion areas

    This part of the program is especially for those who are looking for optimal solutions to some urgent problems in development or want to discuss / support on the topic of recent events. It is assumed that here you can share success stories or talk about dealing with complex and unexpected problems in daily practice.

    We do not impose themes and are fully open to counter offers. Therefore, if you have ideas on what to do in between reports (for example, there are topics for discussion on a flipchart with colleagues from other companies), write about this in the comments when registering . We will contact you and help you organize everything.


    Day X - May 30. We have traditionally specially planned the event for the evening so that it does not conflict with working hours and thereby does not create tension.

    18:30 - 19:00 - Gathering of participants and registration
    19:00 - 19:05 - Opening address of the organizers
    19:05 - 19:40 - Vyacheslav Beltyukov, EPAM Systems, “And they counted me: we are learning to count objects using TensorFlow”
    19 : 40 - 20:15 - Coffee-break and pizza (discussion areas work)
    20:15 - 20:50 - Anton Sergeev, Vkontakte, “Building containers based on UIViewController”
    20:50 - 21:15 - Quiz
    21:15 - 22:00 - Round table
    22:00 - Closing and afterparty.

    Venue - our central office on Kutuzovsky.

    Address: Business Center “President Plaza”, Kutuzovsky pr., 32, building 1.
    How to get from the metro: .

    After entering the building, follow the signs for the second floor to the conference room.


    We have a lot of places (actually not very), but we will still order pizza based on the number of participants. There was an idea to just take it with a margin, but then it turns out that all the surrounding pizzerias will work only for us for a couple of hours and leave a mass of innocent citizens (hungry, of course, a joke).

    But seriously, you need to register here: here .

    And to quickly learn about the changes, you can subscribe to the Telegram channel ) or join ( in a group on Facebook ).


    For those who want to come, but circumstances do not allow, we will be happy to share video recordings of the reports that we will share. And as a bonus, we’ll share links to videos from the previous SberPractice: Products meeting on Customer Development. There were such interesting reports:


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