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    RIT ++ is a professional festival for those who make the Internet. Just like at a music festival, we have a lot of streams, only instead of music genres - IT-themes. We, as organizers, try to guess trends and find a new sound. This year it is “quality” and the QualityConf conference . We do not ignore our favorite motives in new interpretations: monolith cuts and microservices, Kubernetes and CI / CD, CSS and JS, refactoring and performance. Of course, we introduce new and hit topics. Everything is like people’s, including mountains of sophisticated equipment, merchandise and drinks!

    The last two are for festival guests only. But the equipment will go into business for broadcast. And according to a good tradition, the Main Hall - that is, just the most popular "performers" - we broadcast for free on ouryoutube channel .

    Connect to the broadcast on May 27 at 9:30 , you will see and hear a lot of interesting things, the schedule is under the cut.

    Here is the schedule of only one stream, total on RIT ++ 9 (nine!) Parallel report streams. All recordings will be available for conference participants almost immediately after the festival, and for everyone else around the year. We recommend subscribing to the newsletter in order to gain access earlier than others.

    First Day Broadcast RIT ++

    Broadcast of the second day RIT ++

    Day One, May 27

    10:00 - The state of CSS / Sergey Popov (League A., HTML Academy)
    The first report of the day will be about the lost frontend technologies, their application and support, so that we begin to use the full power of the current state of CSS.

    11:00 - Promotion of open source projects / Andrey Sitnik (Evil Martians)
    Creator of the popular AutoPrefixer, PostCSS, Browserlist and Nano ID will talk about his experience. The report is for developers who want to start their open source projects, and for those who do not want to follow the hype’s lead, but choose technologies for their benefit for the project.

    12:00 - Blameless environment: no one should write quality code / Nikita Sobolev (
    Can programmers generally write quality code? Should? Is there a way to improve the quality of "without registration and SMS"? There is, and about him - in the report.

    13:00 - Monolith cut in Leroy Merlin / Pavel Yurkin (Leroy Merlin)
    All large companies go through this stage. Stage when the business does not want the old way, and the monolith cannot in a new way. And to deal with this - simple developers. Switch to the backend and learn about one of the ways to solve this problem.

    14:00 - Yandex Database: distributed queries in the clouds / Sergey Puchin (Yandex)
    Consider the main points related to query execution in Yandex Database (YDB) - a geo-distributed transaction database that allows you to perform declarative queries on data with low latency and strict consistency.

    15:00 werf - our tool for CI / CD in Kubernetes / Dmitry Stolyarov, Timofey Kirillov, Alexey Igrychev (Flant)
    Switch to DevOps and talk about the problems and challenges that everyone faces when deploying to Kubernetes. By analyzing them, the speakers will show possible solutions and demonstrate how this is implemented in werf, an Open Source tool for DevOps engineers serving CI / CD in Kubernetes.

    16:00 - 50 millions deployments a year - The Story of DevOps Culture at Amazon/ Tomasz Stachlewski (Amazon Web Services)
    After we talk about the role of DevOps-culture in the development of Amazon. Learn how and why Amazon has moved from monoliths to microservices. We will see what tools and approaches are used to ensure the speed of development of new services and maintain flexibility in the context of every second deployment.

    17:00 - New Adventures in Front-End, 2019 Edition / Vitaliy Fridman (Smashing Magazine)
    Back to the frontend with a powerful report on everything you need to know about the frontend in 2019. Performance, JS, CSS, compilation, fonts, WebAssembly, grids and all-all-all.

    18:00 - Why it is not necessary to become a leader / Andrey Smirnov (IPONWEB)
    We close the day, as usual, with a light report on an important topic. Consider a career path from a developer to team leads and further from the point of view of a specialist, not his leader.

    Further on the plan is an evening program , which, in our opinion, is very important for the formation of the community. But she will have to come to Skolkovo. You can’t come in person this time, plan your next visit in advance. At the start of sales, buying tickets is much more profitable.

    Day Two, May 28

    11:00 - How to deliver quickly and without pain. Automate releases / Alexander Korotkov (CIAN)
    Let's start the next day with DevOps. Consider deployment automation tools, which at CIAN improved the quality and reduced the delivery time of the code in production by 5 times. And also we will touch upon changes in the development processes, since it is impossible to achieve results, limited only to automation.

    12:00 - Accidents help to study / Alexey Kirpichnikov (Kontur)
    We will analyze the benefits of such DevOps practice as post-mortem. And for a snack we will see examples of real fakap - what we love so much, but what large companies so rarely talk about.

    13:00 - Metrics - indicators of project health / Ruslan Ostropolsky (docdoc)
    We continue the topic with a report on the metrics that are needed to manage a project, see problems, fix them and achieve new goals. Consider the approach to the formation of metrics, which is used in assessing quality and projects in DocDoc.

    14:00 - Transition from Rest API to GraphQL on the example of real projects / Anton Morev (Wormsoft)
    We will analyze this topic on the example of three real cases of GraphQL implementation. We will listen to the pros and cons of switching to GraphQL, discuss how to safely delegate the logic of grouping data into the frontend and offload the backend developers. Consider development tools with GraphQL services in Jet Brains products .

    15:00 - How to look at your product through the eyes of an investor? / Arkady Moreynis (Anti-Startup)
    Why do you need to learn to think as an investor? Because you yourself are the first investor of your product, you were the first to start spending your time and money on it. And how - on the report.

    16:00 - Fast applications in 2019 / Ivan Akulov (PerfPerfPerf)
    On the other hand, many studies show that the faster the application, the more people use it - and the more money it brings. So let's see how to make fast apps in 2019: which metrics are the most important, which approaches to use, and which tools help everyone with that.

    17:00 - Emotional burnout. Success Story / Anna Selezneva (Spiral Scout)
    On the evening of the second day, satiated with new information on the ears, we will listen to our personal story and learn to look at burnout with humor. Attending conferences is a good way to avoid this completely ridiculous state, but there are others about which in this report.

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