Show the employer that you are developing: indicate your additional education in your My Circle profile

    From our regular studies, we see that despite the fact that 85% of specialists working in IT have a higher education, 90% in the process of their professional activities are self-educating, and 65% take additional professional education courses . We see that higher education in IT is not enough today, and the demand for continuous retraining and advanced training is extremely high.

    Assessing potential candidates, 50% of employers are interested in both higher and additional education of their future employees. In 10-15% of cases, information about the candidate’s education significantly affects the decision to hire him. Higher education for IT, in 50% of cases, helps applicants with employment and in 25% of cases in career advancement, non-specialized for higher education in 35% and 20% of cases, respectively, additional professional education in 20% and 15%.

    Seeing all these figures, we decided to pay special attention to the education at My Circle . Now on our career service you can supplement your resume with information about all courses taken. We also introduced profiles of educational institutions where you can learn both about the specialization of the institution and get acquainted with the statistics of their graduates.

    In the specialist’s resume on “My Circle”, a new block “Continuing Education” has appeared. It can indicate the institution in which you studied, the name of the educational program or course, the period of study, acquired or pumped skills, attach a photo of the certificate.

    In a search of the candidate database and in the responses to the vacancy, the specialist’s card was expanded with information about the institutions in which additional professional education was received. On the search, you can bring out all the specialists who have such an education .

    Educational institutions, both higher and additional education, have their own profile, on which you can learn about the specialization of the institution, as well as get acquainted with the statistics of graduates:

    • The number of graduates among users of the service;
    • In which first companies they worked;
    • What companies did they work for?
    • What is their current specialization and skills;
    • What cities do they live in now.

    For example, here is the profile of MSTU. N.E. Bauman and Geekbrains profile .

    When designing a new block of continuing education, we simultaneously improved the design of the block with experience, bringing it to the same style:

    • Positions and time spent in them began to be displayed more clearly;
    • Now you can clearly see if the specialist grew career inside the company, moving from one position to another;
    • Brief information about employers has been added: the company’s specialization, its city and size are immediately visible.

    So, now the resume of the specialist contains the following information:

    • Professional skills;
    • Experience in companies;
    • Participation in trade unions;
    • Higher education;
    • Additional vocational education.

    We hope that today's improvement will help employers and job seekers better find each other and do great things together.

    If you are a specialist who cares about your career, we invite you to supplement your CV on “My Circle” with information about the courses taken.

    If you are involved in the management of an additional education school, we would like to talk with you: we have a lot of ideas about cooperation that is useful for the entire IT market. For example, right now we are interested in the opportunity to show and recommend your school’s courses on “My Circle”. If you are also interested in this, be sure to write to us at

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