Weekly Habr. Meet the Habrapodcast Pilot Release

    We have long wanted to try making a podcast. There are about 30 different podcast formats in our piggy bank that we would be interested in recording: motivating and demotivating; interviews with hackers; thriller podcasts about how Winlocker infects your network of 6000 computers with XP on board; about emigrating to and from Russia. There are many ideas, and we want to understand what of all this will be of interest to you.

    Decided to understand in the process. Meet the first issue of the Habr Weekly Podcast. Once a week, the Habr team and their guests gather to discuss the best community posts and top IT news. Well, fooling around, of course.

    Where else can you listen:

    1. Apple Podcasts
    2. Soundcloud
    3. Yandex music
    4. VK
    5. Youtube
    6. Overcast
    7. Poketcast
    8. Castbox
    9. Google podcasts
    10. RCC

    Authors and contributors


    Leo Pikalyov, Podcast

    Share your impressions, criticisms, wishes, favorite podcasts in the comments. This will help us a lot.

    Only registered users can participate in the survey. Please come in.

    Do you listen to podcasts?

    • 35.5% No 144
    • 35% Occasionally 142
    • 29.3% constantly 119

    If so, where?

    • 25.8% Apple Podcasts 67
    • 15.4% Yandex music 40
    • 15.4% Soundcloud 40
    • 7.7% VK 20
    • 18.5% Google Podcasts 48
    • 21.2% YouTube 55
    • 28.5% Other (I will write in the comments) 74

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