Medium Index and Antibank

An approach to the organization of banking is proposed. From the point of view of a client - an individual. The approach is aimed at creating an objective interest in the client in the allocation of funds. There are no restrictions on the withdrawal of funds by the client. The financial benefits of the bank and the client are related. A method for assessing bank performance is indicated.

We do not offer products - we save money

Bank - from Italy. banco - a bench, bench, table, on which money changers laid out coins.

Indeed, today a bank is a commercial institution, whose interests do not necessarily coincide with the interests of its customers. A client is usually involved in choosing a banking product. And this choice imposes on him in the future a number of restrictions and obligations.

In addition to the bank, there is still a general economic situation. And it can change faster than the term of limitations and obligations. Sometimes faster than it can be tracked and realized.

Can a person be free from the need for choice? Can he (you and I) be protected from economic shocks?


Simplify the situation. Suppose that among banking products there are only interest-free currency deposits.

The client brings the funds to the bank. The bank’s expert analyzes the economic situation and places the client’s funds in one currency or another. With a significant change in the economic situation, analysis and placement are repeated.

At any time, the client can decide on the further storage of his funds in the bank or withdrawal.

When returning funds to the client, the reward to the bank is determined. Two amounts are compared: current and initial. With a positive difference, part of it is withdrawn in favor of the bank.

“Medium Index”

When returning funds to the client, their possible volume is also determined with ideal expert forecasts. Both from the point of view of the choice of currency, and regarding the moment of revision.

The ratio of the real amount of money to the ideal will be called the “Medium Index”.

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Why not a mutual fund?

Firstly, because of the focus . The mutual fund aims to make a profit. The proposed model is aimed at saving money. The mutual fund is oriented towards a healthy balance between profitability and risk. The proposed model selects from stable banking products, focusing on the economic forecast.

Secondly, due to the nature of the risk . Unit investment risk is a change in the price of the assets where investments were made. The risk of the proposed model is a change in the economic situation. Unit investment risk is reduced by tracking investment assets and alternatives. Risk reduction in the proposed model is an analysis and forecast of economic development.

Example.The decline in investment in the economy coincides with the launch of a new oil pipeline. For mutual funds, the withdrawal of investments from certain groups of real estate (due to the expected decrease in business tourism) and their placement in shares of oil producing companies are considered. For the proposed model, withdrawal of funds from a deposit in national currency and their placement in another currency, more stable for a certain period, is considered.

Can a customer lose?

On the one hand, no: customer money is always placed in one of the banking products. And they have non-negative returns (positive, except for compulsory medical insurance).

On the other hand, as in a regular bank, a depositor sometimes loses without even noticing this:

  • 2018 official inflation rate: 4.27%
  • average return on deposits (in the first half of the year): up to 7.9%
  • Euro rose 16.49% over the year

The proposed model aims to improve the situation for the investor.

Usage example

The proposed model - Antibank - acts as a layer between the client and the bank. Bank products remain unchanged.

If the bank offers a ruble deposit at 7.9% per annum and a deposit in euros at 0.9% per annum, then Antibank distributes the client's money between these products based on its forecasts.

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