Video reports from FunTech QA-automation meetup

    On April 27, the FunTech Meetups team held their first test mitap. Mitap was completely devoted to automation, and speakers from Group, Badoo,, and FunCorp in their reports told how and what they automate in their companies. We bring to your attention videos and slides from these performances.

    “Autotests, uniting approaches, platforms and hearts”, Mikhail Chirkov,

    “Do you have autotests?” And if I find it? ”, Alexey Petrov, FunCorp

    “Continuous Integration and Automation” Alexey Khalaji,

    “Unit testing as a tool for QA engineers”, Nikita Kuznetsov,

    “Parallel testing with autotests and other elegant ways to speed up the delivery of features”, Katerina Sprinsyan, Badoo

    Photos from mitap can be seen here .

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