Holiday or holiday?

    The First of May is coming, dear Habrobvchians. Not so long ago, I clarified for myself how important it is to continue to ask myself simple questions, even if it seems that we already know the answer. So what are we celebrating? For a proper understanding, we need to at least look at the history of the issue from afar. Even for a superficial, but correct understanding, you need to find the source. I would not want to seem trite, but requests “on the forehead” about May 1 are not an effective way of knowing. The correct keywords would be “Riot at Haymarket.”

    Briefly essence. Chicago, May 1, 1886

    A working day systematically lasts about 15 hours, wages are low, and there are no social guarantees.

    Today, a worker, accustomed to modern working conditions as a given, can imagine himself in the place of workers of the 19th century. Such a mental experiment - evaluate the scale of the problem, approaching the personal, and in the presence of a family, family tragedy of a person who, having freedom, does not have free time and material means.

    Of course, rallies and strikes began. I would not want to copy the text of an already well-written article, so I suggest that interested people go to the " Riot to Haymarket " link . There is enough there: a rally, police, a provocateur, a bomb, shooting, a reservation and the death penalty of the innocent.

    The American press attacked all the left indiscriminately. Judges and juries were opposed to the accused, they did not even try to establish the person who dropped the bomb, and requests for a trial of each accused were rejected separately. The accusation line was based on the fact that since the accused did not take measures to search for a terrorist in their ranks, it means that they were in collusion with him.


    Of the defendants, only Filden and Parsons were ethnic British, all the rest were natives of Germany, of which only Neebe was born in the United States, and the rest were immigrants. This circumstance, as well as the fact that the rally itself and anarchist publications were addressed to German-speaking workers led to the fact that the American public for the most part ignored what happened and favorably reacted to the subsequent executions,while somewhere there was a revival of the labor movement in support of the defendants, then abroad - in Europe.
    In memory of this event, the first Paris Congress of the Second International in July 1889 decided to hold annual demonstrations on May 1. This day was declared an international holiday for all workers.

    Sometimes there are opinions that in Russia this holiday was borrowed during the revolutionary period, they say, they themselves can not come up with anything. I note that, firstly, the Day of International Workers' Solidarity cannot be borrowed, you can only join it, and secondly, the First of May was celebrated for the first time in the Russian Empire in 1890 in Warsaw by holding a strike of 10 thousand workers.

    According to some media estimates, for most citizens of Russia this day is just an excuse for entertainment, an extra day off and the beginning of the summer season. I think that the reason is mainly in insufficient education in the history of the issue. Social structure, the world has become better, the struggle against oppression has been given in countries around the world at different costs. Definitely, there is something to be thankful for, what to value and protect.

    Goods - Money - Goods

    "Sell yourself." Have you heard anything like this at an interview? You are most likely lucky, IT people on this issue are more adequate, but if it comes to the vacancy of a sales manager or a marketer, this is the case. Yes, of course, it is worth understanding the phrase in the context: I came for an interview - you sell yourself as an employee, you sell your own labor in the labor market.

    However, after the start of self-presentation, the potential employer stops immediately and quickly. No, it's not about self-presentation. A person looks at the reactions of another person. What for? Take out the phrase “sell yourself” from the context of the interview and draw a conclusion about the compromise behavior of a person in relation to his honesty, morality?

    Is there a paradigm shift?

    What does “employee sell himself” mean? Yes, an employee changes his work for money. But exchange is a two-way matter.

    Does an employee buy an employer in his time? “An employer sell yourself?”

    Money is not a universal equivalent. Money is the all-material equivalent. This is an intermediate stage of exchange.

    • The employee does not sell himself, but exchanges time and effort for money.
    • The employer exchanges money FOR the efforts and time of the employee.

    They are equal in the exchange process. The word sell is a form of the word exchange in which money is involved. The word coined to denote a particular case can be completely eliminated. But it captured the consciousness and design of contemporary thinking. Money did not appear immediately, but a very long time ago. Here are the money exchange formulas known far beyond the economic universities:

    Goods / services <-> Goods / services = Exchange

    Goods / services -> money -> Goods / services = Sale (Exchange through money)

    Goods / services -> money managed by an ethical person -> Goods / services = Sale '(Exchange with respect)
    But can we shift the venality paradigm, which is pleasing to morally weak (it’s not all such) capital, towards exchange with respect for the individual and the Person. No, this is absolutely not an appeal to refuse money. Do not misunderstand me. I want the workers not to be sold in the future, but to exchange their work with respect.

    If someday you undertake to “chew this semantic bun” to someone, keep in mind the word “exchange”. The concepts of buying / selling are so deep in the mind of a person that you yourself may get confused before the interlocutor understands this.

    Entertaining fact

    In business correspondence, the signature “Respectfully, Name” was widely used. Yes, it is possible that forgotten truths leave their imprints in the form of traditions or customs of conducting “business negotiations”. May 1 is a great occasion to think about their meaning.

    With respect to you and your business, I congratulate Habr, readers and authors on May 1.

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