The digest of interesting materials for the mobile # 296 developer (on April 22 - 26)

    The next issue will tell you about the new Google Play icons, the main Swift questions, about free music for projects, buying Realm and the excitement of the Internet of things.

    Everyone in the IT industry knows how difficult it is to evaluate a project’s deadline. It is difficult to objectively assess how long it will take to solve a difficult task. One of my favorite theories is that this is just a statistical artifact.If you want to learn all about click spam, click injection, fake installations, SDK spoofing or bots cheating on applications, and how to deal with these problems, download and read the manual.

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    • (+8) Interview: Swift. Questions and Answers
    • (+4) Adding UICollectionViews to custom UITableViewCell which is made through Xib
    Apple has become AWS largest client
    Apple bans offervals
    Questions and answers for Swift interviews
    Swift 5: line interpolation
    Siri Shortcut Guide using Custom Intent
    Page Object template in iOS
    How to minimize the title when scrolling in iOS
    UIMotionEffect: just add depth to the interface
    How to make Auto Layout in iOS more convenient


    • (+28) Android application in memory. Optimization Report for Yandex.Luncher
    • (+4)  Comments on Android Studio 3.4 release (April 2019)
    Google opened Instagram
    Guide for creating updated icons for Google Play
    Exploring RxJava: from beginner to advanced developer
    Playing with Material Design Transitions
    Cloud Firestore + Android is simple
    We make a full-featured note-taking application with ObjectBox and Kotlin
    Touchlab & Square connect to Kotlin Multiplatform
    Google's ARCore: make an application with augmented images
    Explore Firebase ML Kit on Android: Smart answers
    Android @ Microsoft: channel on Medium about development for Android at Microsoft


    • (+36) Music for your projects: 12 thematic resources with tracks licensed under Creative Commons
    • (+9)  Background: what is Continuous Delivery
    • (+7) DrumHero: How I did the first in life a game
    • (+5)Career change at 35. My experience and first successes
    Embrace: faster and more reliable applications
    Slack launched the Workflow Builder application builder
    MongoDB bought Realm
    Podlodka # 108: Analytics and experiments
    Feed The Cat: a dream game that makes the world a better place
    AppsCast # 5: UX and a sense of beauty
    The 16th Developer Economics report came out
    How to choose the coolest Product
    How not to annoy mobile users
    Redesign concept for Russian Railways Passengers for iOS
    We create a scalable WhatsApp messenger with messages, video and voice
    GB Studio - retro game designer for Game Boy
    How to use the Style Transfer API in React Native with Fritz
    What I learned by creating 4 applications on React Native in 3 years
    Simple creation methods great ideas
    • We understand the animation in Flutter
    5 simple extensions for effective accessibility tests
    5 important lessons 4 years of development
    We use Cloud Firestore for real-time alerts
    We begin unit testing at the Model level
    Guides can be fun - how to make your project from scratch
    Why is it never too late to learn Java (or any other language)
    UX engineering
    How do you compare the number of crashes for each version of the application?
    How to integrate a payment system into an existing application
    What will happen to programmers in the future?
    How to make a music bot on Discord.js
    Your university will not prepare you for evil users, outdated code or whims of other engineers
    How I set up VSCode for everything

    Analytics, marketing and monetization

    • (+25)  Mass browser game outcome
    • (+17 )How changes on Google Play will affect ASO optimization
    • (+11) Rough Coster: “Community Cookbook”
    Byte: it's about emotions
    Mail, word of mouth and pushies are the best ways to reactivate users
    Instagram without likes
    Appodeal launches the Stack platform
    How Almundo increased the conversion of

    AI, Devices, IoT

    • (+37) I am delighted with IoT
    • (+34) 1080P video up to 4K, or How I learned not to worry and loved upscale using neural networks
    • (+26) Machine learning for everyone who studied math in the eighth grade
    • (+23)Notes of the IoT provider. Pitfalls of the survey of housing and communal services counters
    • (+21)  Okay, Google: how to get through the captcha?
    • (+16) We create an air quality control sensor on InfluxDB, Grafana, Docker and Raspberry Pi
    • (+14) AI-interfaces and where they live
    • (+9) Microsoft adapted virtual reality for visually impaired people

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