3 reports with RusCrypto: conferences with experience

    For almost 20 years, we have been participating and supporting the RusCrypto Conference as a sponsor. Its main goal is the development of the Russian commercial cryptography and information security market.

    The uniqueness of the conference is in the fusion of science, business and education.

    Initially, it was conceived with the aim of preserving and developing civil cryptography in our country. Now the topic has become a little wider.

    The event brings together representatives of regulators, mathematicians, developers and those who use cryptography in their information systems. In addition to cryptographic topics, there are always sections on reverse engineering, digital forensics.

    Materials for all years are on the conference website, those interested can look there .

    This year we decided to share with you the most interesting reports from RusCrypto.

    A review of the Grasshopper code analysis

    Section "Cryptography and Cryptanalysis"

    The authors:

    Grigory Marshalko, shopping mall 26

    Alexander Bondarenko, shopping mall 26

    Anastasia Agafonova, shopping mall 26

    From the report you will learn about the results of cryptographic studies of the block code "Grasshopper" defined by the national standard GOST R 34.12-2015 and the interstate standard GOST 34.12-2018.

    Link to the presentation of the report

    Safe software development practices as an important component of compliance with information security requirements

    Section “Information Security Software Life Cycle”

    Speaker: Nikolay Smirnov, OJSC InfoTeKS

    As you know, there are no computer programs without errors. It is believed that the number and likelihood of such errors occurring can be significantly reduced by a developer by introducing safe development practices and processes, following the recommendations of GOST R 56939-2016. Practice turns out to be different from theoretical constructions. You will learn from the report on the results of implementing safe development practices by a single vendor company.

    Link to the presentation of the report

    Using Machine Learning in IoT to Detect Malicious Activity

    Section "Advanced research in the field of cybersecurity"

    Speaker: Alexey Kushnerevich, SPIIRAS

    The author compares the accuracy and speed of machine learning tasks in the case of local and distributed launch for cybersecurity tasks. Detection of attacks on the IoT network and their classification are considered as an applied task. For distributed mode, the Spark (ML) big data processing platform is paired with Hadoop (YARN).

    If you liked the reports, please note: in March 2020, the next RusCrypto conference will be held. In contrast to this hub, there you can not only see the reports, but also personally ask questions to the speakers.

    Closer to the date, a detailed program will be known. And in the framework of the conference there is a competition of student reports. Reception of applications for the report usually starts in November. If you want to not only “see others”, but also “show yourself” - respond! The winner will have the opportunity to participate in the conference for free and make a presentation.

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