Case. From 0 to 81% of semantics in TOP in 2 days

Work with a client began in December 2017. Region - Moscow. The site was created earlier, around the beginning of the year. But has not been optimized. I will say right away, in 2 days in the TOP - this is for a beautiful headline, and then the proof for seed.

Beginning of work

The site was developed on the MODX system. CMS is quite convenient, but some improvements had to be done. In particular, the “Title” and “Advanced Title” fields at the layout stage are one and the same.

“Advanced title” serves to display the title meta tag, in our situation, it was completely displayed in the main menu.

Fortunately - the developer was available and in a couple of clicks fixed the problem.

Next, the optimization process began:

A) The semantic core through key collector (we pay attention to seasonality);
B) Internal website optimization;
C) External website optimization.

The situation at the beginning of the promotion:

After optimization, as in the book, LF queries were sent to the TOP. Especially marked 2018. Visibility has appeared.

Second month

It was decided to purchase the reference mass. We use the following sites:

  1. - eternal links + own article;
  2. - eternal links + article at the discretion of the webmaster;
  3. - crowd links;
  4. - link checking.

Less commonly use the following resources:

  1. - for purchased comments anywhere (crowd);
  2. - for crowd links and reviews;
  3. is also a crowd. I didn’t really like it.

After a long search for suitable donors (it took 10 working hours to select), a decision was made (BOOM!) Not to buy links! Rather, buy one, but effective. Looking ahead, we still bought some links, but I’m sure they didn’t play a key role.

On a note. If you want the link to be useful not only for SEO, but also for sales - go to Yandex and look for informational articles on your subject. The query "how to book a car in Crete" - gave 10 info sites, the webmasters of which we wrote.

We stopped at an article with traffic of more than 2,000 people per month. Features of the purchase of such links:


  1. You can and should bargain! On the selected site we were given a price of 8000 r. per month for a rental link! Bargained to 5000 p. per month.
  2. The link brings not only good weight - but also traffic and even real orders.
  3. Without intermediaries. Unlike various exchanges, work directly frees you from paying a commission.


  1. Expensive. Indexing can take up to 2 months. If the goal is solely the influence on the position, you cannot buy.
  2. In addition to your link, the article has 3-6 links with similar companies. You should ask the webmaster to select exactly yours as much as possible. In a separate block or with a banner.
  3. Often ask for payment in jur. to the face.

Result after 2 months:

The first month from the purchase link did not receive a single order. Which is very sad.

Subsequent months and termination of customer relations

In the second and subsequent months, the situation with calls and orders improved. But there was one fatal problem, because of which, in the long run, we stopped cooperation.

In terms of SEO, the site has been optimized well. Here is the result for 4 months.

But from the point of view of site usability, not everything is so smooth. Customers complained about the inability to place an order. There was discontent, which led to failures. All software improvements were performed by the developer, from whom the client came. Accordingly, he issued all the bills for revision separately.

There was a dilemma: from the point of view of the SEO result, we have fulfilled the agreements, there are positions, there are calls. From the point of view of conversion - the client’s result is not satisfied. In this case, should we do the site improvements at our own expense? My opinion is no. But the client did not think so and demanded new edits. Naturally free. The question arose - at whose expense to fulfill them. Nobody wanted to work for free. As a result, we were forced to part with the client after a rather successful case.


Case shows how important the usability factor is. It’s not enough to be in the TOP-10, you need to constantly refine and improve the site, keep your finger on the pulse and timely respond to the situation. In the TOP 10 sites, it takes 5 seconds for a person to close yours and open a new one. Remember this. And it’s better to take not one place in the TOP-10, but immediately 5. I spoke about this in the case “Saving 300,000 rubles per month on contextual advertising”

PS The client still owed us 400 euros for work :)

PPS What about “ in 2 days in the TOP? ”. Yes, everything is simple. Once I studied the metric and accidentally noticed that the traffic dropped to 0. I went to the site - and there the hosting was not paid. Departed from the index for all requests. He lay there for 2 days. Paid hosting - positions restored. Probably lucky ...

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