CQ CQ CQ Happy Holidays, Radio Amateur! #WorldAmateurRadioDay

    YES, we are lovers, but this is the upper class, to hug the planet with an invisible hand ...
    Sergey Semenov

    Here again, April 18 came, and again the whole progressive community celebrates Amateur Radio Day. To leave unnecessary disputes, and immediately prioritize, I refer to RU Wikipedia :
    Radio amateur - a person engaged in amateur radio. Amateur radio is a versatile technical hobby associated with the design and use of radio and electronic devices.

    So all of us, Guys who fall within the specified definition, sincerely congratulate you on a non- professional holiday!

    GA DR OM!

    "World Amateur Radio Day" (also known as International Amateur Radio Day, World Amateur Radio Day, WARD) is an unofficial holiday that, around the world, is celebrated by people who are passionate about amateur radio communications annually, on April 18th. It was on this day in 1925 at the international conference ( held April 14-25, that is, theoretically, one and a half weeks can be celebrated) of ham radio in Paris, the International Amateur Radio Union (IARU) was created. The main goal of the organization was the feasible support of amateur radio all over the world. Initially, the union was formed by representatives of 25 countries, but gradually expanded to 160 participating countries, divided into three regions. Region 1 includes Europe, Africa, the Middle East and North Asia. Region 2 spans America, and Region 3 consists of Australia, New Zealand, Pacific island states, and the rest of Asia.

    Interestingly, the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) officially recognized IARU as a representative of the interests of amateur radio. So, if suddenly you,% radio amateur% someone and somewhere oppresses, know that there is an organization in the world where you can be helped (though, in my opinion, official documents do not quite agree with the same Wikipedia, radio operator -lover! = radio amateurs, for example).

    Remembering the events of 1925, every year on April 18, all amateur radio stations celebrate this holiday on air. In 2019, IARU recommends talking about the 94th anniversary with the hashtag #WorldAmateurRadioDay (and even offer their own poster).

    Says VE6SH!

    Currently IARU President Tim Ellam is ( by Tim Ellam ).

    Therefore, the congratulation would be incomplete if I did not voice his words related to the 94th anniversary:
    I am pleased to extend my greetings for World Amateur Radio Day. April 18 is the day for all of Amateur Radio to celebrate and tell the world about the science we can help teach, the community service we can provide, and the fun we have. I would encourage all radio amateurs to join in the celebrations and promote Amateur Radio on the air or in your community.

    In a free translation, the call sign VE6SH reports that on April 18, all the amateur radio stations in the world talk about technical achievements and research conducted by amateur radio enthusiasts, about how radio unites people and how it entertains and pleases. Tim encourages all hams to join the celebration (but not so, according to the "old Slavic tradition") and at least that day to promote amateur radio on the air and accessible social networks. I’ll add from myself that Habra radio amateurs are engaged in the mentioned activities not only on April 18, but all year round. But since the President advises, then ...

    And what does the lamp on the KDPV have to do with it?

    And the lamps despite the fact that every day the Ham radio operator of course notes in his own way. Someone, traditionally behind the “machine tool” (/ soldering station / debugger / breadboard in the end). I bring out the light of God :)

    Teach where to take strength to stop storing them ...

    Now about why 6P3S, what this tetrode is known for. Well, if only because on this lamp you can assemble a simple transmitter, known from distant childhood (and Radio magazines for the 40-50s). A lot of schoolchildren and teenagers joined the radio business of the nominal from the soldering of their own "pirate radio" on a 6P3S torn from some radio. This lamp was one of the most powerful among the widespread and worked well at frequencies up to several megahertz. To assemble your own “ free Albemouth radio ” from matches and acorns was not difficult even in the most remote village. The only thing, after all, was a household radio and a microphone ( at least the handsets of a payphone) Although probably few people now remember this, 6P3S is used, some for audio, some in general for induction furnaces for melting metal.

    So, I propose to mark the day of the Amateur Radio by assembling the simplest one-tube transmitting set-top box ("barrel organ of free radio operators") on 6P3S. The schemes differ in connecting the antenna and applying modulation. Coil L is wound on any frame with a diameter of 35-40 mm with a PEL or PETV wire with a diameter of 0.6-0.9 mm, the number of turns 30 + 30, counting from the grounded end. The anode throttle DR is wound with a wire PEL or PLShO 0.15 -0.2 mm on a frame with a diameter of 15-20 mm and a length of 8-10 cm, 4 sections of 100 turns. Variable capacitor from any tube receiver.

    Note from the pirates 6p3s.ru
    In the 6P3S prefix, it is desirable to power the shielding grid (terminal No. 4 of the 6P3S lamp) through ballast resistance (the resistance must be selected empirically, so that the current of the lamp anode does not exceed 100mA). If this is not done, this is fraught with the failure of the 6P3S beam tetrode (since the voltage at the anode and the screening grid will be the same and the short circuit is closer to the cathode (than the anode), then in fact the screen grid will play the role of the anode (a, its area is not sufficient to dissipate enough power)) and a modulation inductor (since the anode current 6P3S + the grid current 6P3S + the anode current of the modulation lamp will be much more than 100mA - a classic modulation inductor (output transformer VLF)
    doesn’t withstand "), high level outside the band emissions and not linear distortion!
    A sample of the 6P3S grid grid power supply circuit can be found in the “3280 kHz radio station with Super AM” circuit, for example, in the main unit (pre-amplifier and modulator unit) - the first stage (2-VL1). Capacitive isolation (RF filtering) is required!

    Among the commentators there was a radio brother familiar with 6P3S, kuza2000 ->

    6P3S from kuza2000
    Oh ... a familiar light bulb on KDPV, 6P3S :)
    I was 13-14 years old, I assembled a circuit similar to the one on the left, but the load was not throttle, but the outline on the window. I drove four carnations into the window frame, and wound 5-10 turns around the window perimeter, well, and an alternating ceramic capacitor. This was the antenna, in fact, magnetic. There was still a modulating transformer in the anode circuit, which connected a radio amplifier (15 W) to the low-frequency output of the amplifier. Anodic volt 300, the modulating transformer added the same amount at the peak. The lamp was loaded not on the entire circuit, but on a tap in several turns. The quality factor of the circuit was high, and it swayed to many thousands of volts. The ceramic capacitor was getting hot.
    You put a record on the radiol, one channel into the modulation, the other into the column. You bring a palm to the contour, and a violet glow appears between it and the turns of the contour, and it flickers to the music :) Beautifull ... color music is resting :))) And in the lamp, to the music, while the glass flickered with a faint bluish glow, electron bombardment. At 300 volts, the glass still does not glow, but modulate to 600, and the electrons are already quite accelerated. Not for nothing, it’s a ray one, this tetrode :)
    Then he took a small receiver to the NE range with a magnetic antenna and walked around the area, listened to his music :) Maximum, a kilometer or two, I couldn’t hear any further :)

    Why is all this so important? At least because, as history shows, many well-known experts in the field of electronics (and not only, take the same Chris Kaspersky), were once simple radio amateurs and began with the simplest things, from the basics. Many of the usual things that surround us every day - television, radios, antennas - all this became widespread after it was proposed and tested by one of the radio enthusiasts. And so far, many of these items are not outdated and serve humanity. So, friends, today is the time to stop, look around, remember your radio achievements and ... and do some radio work on one transistor. Indeed, in this troubled tribe there are no ex ...


    PS I suggest amateur radio commentators to remember how their career began. And not only regarding the equipment ( place 6P3S is already taken ), but also people who were able to instill a love of radio components and the smell of rosin ...

    PPS And in conclusion - the radio amateur anthem

    Amateur Radio Anthem (author Sergey Semenov)
    Radio Amateur Anthem

    Since I became my call sign for the last name,
    I can not take my passport with me anywhere;
    Do not be afraid, brothers, I am not on the espionage line,
    but if the homeland ordered it could become;
    Fate plays me like a wind with a bright candy wrapper,
    and I myself am always thirsting for change;
    I realized my dream and became a romantic
    and cannot live without tents and antennas;
    And no matter where I am in whatever state
    I will never perish;
    There will be friends in both Canada and Spain
    if wires were fun on the roofs;
    The air boils with wireless dissonance; the
    receiver itself finds the desired wave;
    There are antennas like pines on a clearing
    Morse code voice will not let us fall asleep;
    And reducing to zero all the distances
    with each other will begin to speak interruption;
    Kamchatka, Kola and Canada and Spain,
    and even those who are overhead at this hour;

    Such a life we ​​have such a life with us;
    We have such a life; we don’t need another;

    YES we are lovers, but this is the upper class,
    hug the entire planet with an invisible hand.
    YES we are lovers, but this is the upper class,
    hug the entire planet with an invisible hand.

    Let us be considered eccentric philistines
    none of us for a long time wants to become different;
    We are neither poets, unfortunately, writers, but
    if we dictate the heart we compose;
    The song also helps us live and build
    and to be more precise, invent;
    And I’ll say to myself when it breaks the thread,
    then the transceiver helps to survive;

    Such a life we ​​have such a life with us;
    We have such a life; we don’t need another;

    YES we are lovers, but this is the upper class,
    Hug the entire planet with an invisible hand.
    YES we are lovers, but this is the upper class,
    Hug the entire planet with an invisible hand.

    Author's performance: Valery R2DA and Sergey Semenov (songwriter). The recording was made in 2011 during an amateur radio rally on Lake Valdai

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