Digest: 10 materials about screens and projectors for home theater

    In the " Hi-Fi World " we talk about video equipment. We present to your attention materials that will help you adjust the color rendition of the projector, select the appropriate screen for 4K movies and get rid of the "black bars" at the edges of the image. Photo: large cinema in the audiomania showroom

    • Select a projection screen for 4K video . 4K projectors are finicky on projection screens. We talk about how to approach their choice and avoid distortion. At the same time, we show photos of paintings of office and Full HD level.

    • How to choose components for a home theater . Recommendations for those who planned to build a home theater from scratch. Let’s explain why buying a projector and a screen can be more profitable than buying a TV. Let’s figure out why it’s incorrect to compare technologies for home cinema with equipment for “professional” cinema halls, and how a room for watching movies at home can look.

    • How to build a wide screen cinema . There are a number of ways to optimize movie viewing, which differ in format from the “native” projector extension. Projectors with built-in motorized lenses can zoom in and out, but the result is inferior in quality to the original. If you want to use the projector matrix at full power, it is worth using anamorphic or interchangeable lenses. We will tell you exactly how they work and what led to the emergence of a variety of cinema formats.

    • Projector calibration at home: color grading . The first of two articles to help fix color problems with a colorimeter and the free ColorHCFR program. The author tells how to measure the deviations of colors from the reference ones and what the graphs obtained in the process of measuring actually say.

    • Home Projector Calibration: Offset Compensation . Continuation of the previous article, in which the author describes the process of setting color rendering in ColorHCFR. The main recommendation is to remember that changes in one color channel lead to a shift in the rest. Therefore, the various configuration steps will have to be repeated more than once. In order to facilitate the process, the control parameters that are worth focusing on when setting up are given, as well as templates for adjusting the brightness.

    Photo: large cinema hall in the office of Audiomania

    • THX Tips: How to get everything from your home theater . THX Technical Director Scott Francis talks about how to arrange furniture and equipment in a home theater. According to him, people often do not take into account the height of the furniture when installing the screen, which is why viewers are forced to lift their heads and strain the neck muscles. Also in the article you will find tips on setting up equipment in the home theater for watching different types of video - feature films and sports broadcasts.

    • What is THX for a projector . THX is a company that certifies audio and video equipment. In 2008, they developed a standard for projectors, guaranteeing the "veracity" of the image. For two years, the JVC has been finalizing the DLA-750 projector to successfully pass this certification. We’ll tell you how they did it. For each of the three stages of testing, control parameters and test images are given.

    • Report from the Kauber projection screen factory . Kauber is a small Polish company that produces screens from the finished canvas. The brand produces a wide range of models, each of which customers can “tailor” to their needs. For example, Kauber's portfolio includes curved screens of complex shapes and wide-format models with an aspect ratio of 2.35: 1. The material tells about the "conveyor-free" Kauber factory and the brand's plans for the future.

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