MODX Digest # 3 (March 25 - April 8, 2019)

    A fresh, albeit slightly belated, selection of MODX news. In the issue: the long-awaited refactoring from Jason, a few words about the mitap in Amsterdam, the new site, as well as update additions, news and notes.

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    The author of this digest fell ill so well last week, so the release of the digest had to be postponed until the health problems were resolved. By virtue of this, I will not refuse any help in preparing the next releases in order to be on time.

    news and events

    Mitap in Amsterdam

    Mitap in Amsterdam took place. I will not say that he was directly successful, although after my report, the drilling and discussion in the audience and after, in the hotel lobby, were very active, apparently hurt by the living. The speeches themselves can be seen in the broadcast recording (link below), and listen to my impressions and thoughts in the third issue of the modcast , which will be released presumably on Monday, because it was not possible to record earlier due to illness.


    Just a couple of days before the meeting in Amsterdam, the MODX LLC team rolled out an updated site - . This time, the changes affected not only the pages with marketing texts, but also the forum and the section with additions. With minor bugs, but it looks prettier, especially the section with additions.

    Instead of the old forum, a new one is now launched - . Of the advantages - this is a normal relatively modern forum engine, which is developing and just works. We have long had this in the form of a section with questions on, and now an English version. Of the minuses - the old forum has sunk into oblivion, the posts could not be postponed, and there also was sometimes very interesting information.

    Night assembly

    I started the service with night assemblies in a hurry before the mitap and made a banal and simple mistake without specifying the full path to composer in the collector configuration. This led to the fact that in manual mode everything was going well, but cron did not know where to get composer and collected the release without dependencies, which many complained about. As a result, everything was repaired, scripts corrected, now everything is going well, you can download, install and test.

    MODX development

    I must say that despite the code freeze, due to the expectation of the code from Jason, activity after the mitap increased slightly. So far, not so much in terms of code, but in terms of interest in the process and questions, where to start. And there are really a lot of work besides development - this is sorting issues , and working on documentation and just testing the work already done.

    In addition, Mark is ready to launch the new REST API for MODX, which will allow us to refuse ExtJS in the future, but we need people who are able to write code. So the initiative is very welcome.

    After the meeting, Igor Sukhinin and Sergey Fedorov joined the team. Igor is known as the creator of the site .

    To help, come to the Russian-language chat in Telegram or to the general channel in Slack .

    News from GitHub

    • # 14534 - the long-awaited pull request with refactoring from Jason. There is still a lot of work, you need to convert the processors and finish other tasks on it, but there is already code that you can touch and moreover, you can send your improvements to it.
    • # 14507 - I have plans to rewrite the installer as a whole, but Ivan Bochkarev decided, while the essence and the point, to bring the current installer pages into a single design. You can follow the link through the link.
    • # 14511 - fixing a widget with the latest edited resources. Now it shows the correct information. Thanks to Yana!
    • # 14540 - another improvement of the same widget, but now the problem with the dates and time of editing has been resolved.
    • # 14532 - it turned out that there is a bug when deleting admin menu items, when only the item itself is deleted, and all that are attached to it remain and when you need to add a new item, you can catch an unpleasant error that the menu item is already there, but it is not visible. Now the menu items will be deleted with all the nested items, so be careful when deleting any item at the very top.
    • # 14527 - a discussion is underway on how to better implement the addition of async and defer attributes to scripts that are connected using MODX through the regClientScript method.
    • # 14526 - autocomplete fields The function in the browser is useful, but sometimes annoying with its obsession, and as a result, it was proposed to add a system setting that will allow you to disable autocomplete in the fields in the admin area if necessary. It will save a couple of kilometers of nerve fibers.

    Interesting notes and articles

    New and updated add-ons

    • ThemeBulma-1.0.0-beta is a new addition from Artyom Burkun with a website template, which is based on the Bulma CSS framework. Bulma CSS framework - based on flexbox and makes it easy to use markup for any type of device; it can act as an alternative to Bootstrap, but without javascript components.

    • TurboPages-1.0.1-pl - the first addition of Yegor Levin in the marketplace. An extension with which you can create an RSS feed that fits the requirements of Yandex turbo pages. Key features of the plugin: it supports settings and search output, display menus, widgets, feedback forms, various buttons (email, phone, etc.), ad units, analytics systems and more.

    • jwtSession-1.0.1-pl - component of Vasily Naumkin. It is an experimental add-on that takes the server-side PHP session of the user to his browser, in cookies. This allows you to save server disk space for visited sites and not to make unnecessary queries in the database. Not yet recommended for work sites - need to test. In the last digest, a post was mentioned describing how it all works.

    • UserTest-4.1.0-beta - a component for testing users - continues to improve. The new version adds:
      - Separate tables of questions and test results have been made. They can now be attached to several tests at the same time. Now you do not need to do a bunch of duplicate questions and results.
      - Manage the order of answers and display answers in random order.
      - Validation of answers to a question. If the “answer is required” checkbox is checked, the user will have to answer the question before proceeding to the following questions.
      - Clean up invitations.
      - Cron alerts on failed tests for the invited user.
      - When moving to a new test page, scroll to the top of the page.

    • Quiz-1.1.4-pl - bug fixes and improvements, the most important of which is OpenGraph support and, therefore, improved display of quiz links on social networks.

    • Commerce-1.0.0-rc3 is a big update of the e-commerce solution from Mark Hamstra, which he presented at a meeting in Amsterdam.

    • Following were updated some plugins for Commerce - Formula Shipping for Commerce , Mailchimp API for Commerce , Print Order for Commerce and GuestOrderView for Commerce .

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