Space Data Center. Text translation of the server launch into the stratosphere

    Today we are launching the server into the stratosphere. During the flight, the stratostat will distribute the Internet, shoot and transmit video and telemetry data to the ground (but this is not accurate)). You can see the server movement and telemetry data on the project website .

    We are broadcasting live from the launch site in the field near Pereslavl-Zalessky, so we apologize in advance for possible special effects during the broadcast.

    Also, a contest is taking place on the site, in which more than 500 hawkers put marks on the map to guess where the server crashed. The main prize for the one who guesses the most is the summer trip to Baikonur to launch the Soyuz MS-13 manned spacecraft.


    A little background and useful links, for those who missed everything:

    1. A post on how to coordinate the flight of the probe into the stratosphere (what we will encounter in practice at launch)
    2. As we did the “ iron part ” of the project - for fans of geek porn, with details and code analysis.
    3. Project site where you can monitor the movement of the probe and telemetry in real time
    4. Comparison of space communications systems that we will use at launch

    And we have a winner who, better than anyone else, has guessed the place of landing of the probe. The famous vvzvlad has become all of them to you - Vlad, congratulations! Now we find the probe and get in touch.

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