Weaken the nuts, part 2: voting time for publications and other changes

    At the beginning of the week we talked about important changes for users and, it seems, everyone liked them: the publication rating exceeded 300, over 800 comments were written (and they actively continue to appear). In the same place we sowed grain of intrigue and promised some other changes. No sooner said than done, we rolled out the release with updates and are ready to tell you where that lost sixth nut with KDPV went.

    As you know, since the founding of Habr, the voting period for publications has been limited to three days. This caused inconvenience to those users who visit the site less than once every three days - for example, happy people on vacations or those who read a sample of publications from the mail digest .

    From today we have increased the voting period for publications up to 30 days. To have time to vote for it, even those who did not see the publication immediately. Similarly, the voting period for comments has changed - from 3 to 30 days.

    Also increased the period during which Read & Comment-users can leave comments. Previously, they could not leave comments on publications older than 10 days (now 30).

    The only caveat found during the implementation of the change lay in the PPA. Here, as before, while the period of 3 days remains - after this time, the site will fix the value of the publication rating.

    Other changes on the site

    And we made some small changes for the convenience of users.

    • Added a stub that shows that the article has no comments yet. Now you will see this picture:

    • Made changes to the pages of help and greetings.
    • Corrected syntax highlighting for PostgreSQL code - now it looks the same in the mobile and desktop versions.
    • Added a loader to the user's bookmarks and comments page.
    • Changed the order of the menu in the user profile to match the desktop version.
    • Implemented saving the publication filter on the mobile version: now, if you have logged in and selected “Everything in a row”, the next time you log in, you will come back from the “Everything in a row” page.
    • Made changes to translations of the interface and documentation.

    But the edits in the mobile version:

    • Added navigation by comments in the mobile version - now new comments can be downloaded without reloading the page.

    • Added polls. Previously, they were displayed only on the full version of the site.

    • Optimized the loading of images in the comments.
    • Added hub filter by stream.

    • Added help section.

    Actively continue to work! You can write about all found site errors in the comments to this post or in the feedback form .

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