Four real stories of working with microservice architecture - report from the Backend United 3 mitap: Kholodets

    At the third meeting in the Backend United series, my colleagues from Booking, Dodo Pizza and Avito shared experience with microservice architecture. We talked about cuts, monoliths and everything that stands behind it. This post is a report on how the mitap went. Inside - videos, speaker presentations, links to the photo report and feedback from the meeting participants.


    Fifty shades of microservices. Andrey Morevsky, Dodo Pizza

    There are never many life stories about monoliths sawn into microservices. Andrey’s story has everything: laughter and tears, ups and downs, pain and profits.


    “It was very cool and cheerful).”

    Implementation of microservice architecture Avito. Semyon Kataev, Avito

    Semyon spoke about the transition from monolithic architecture in Avito to microservice architecture. He showed a diagram of the architecture to which we are moving and that we have already managed to implement. He highlighted the pros and cons that we encountered.


    “Probably, for this report, I went to the meeting. I liked the feed. Wonderful! Thanks".

    Instructions for sawing off, or how we took out service sessions from the monolith. Pavel Lakosnikov, Avito

    Using a concrete example, Pavel showed how to gradually remove the loaded parts of a functional from a monolith.


    “A good report, an important topic has been revealed that logically spills out from Semyon's report. Attention is paid to practice and a clear example is given in the form of a session. ”

    The flip side of service-oriented architecture. Ivan Kruglov,

    Ivan in his report focused on how the transition to a service-oriented architecture is reflected in infrastructure, operational expertise, communication between services and people, contracts, mentality, organizational structure and other issues.


    “An interesting report, the Envoy tool was taken.”

    Links and photo reports

    A playlist with all the videos from the event can be found here .
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