DataGrip 2019.1: support for new databases, initialization scripts, new inspections and more

    Hello! Let's look at the new things in - DataGrip 2019.1 . Recall that the functionality of DataGrip is included in our other paid IDEs, except for WebStorm.


    Support for new databases

    In this release, four databases at once received official support in our tools:

    Apache Hive - a database management system based on the Hadoop platform.
    Greenplum is an analytical DBMS for data warehouses based on PostgreSQL.
    Vertica - Column Base for Big Data Analysis.
    Snowflake - cloud data storage. If we talk about relational databases, then Snowflake asked the most . In this release, we supported only SQL; we will release instropecation later.



    We made changes to the database connection dialog: we tried to make it more clear and convenient.


    In this tab, refactoring has mainly occurred.

    The Connection type field used to be called the URL type and was at the very bottom. But, since the value in this field determines the further process, now it is at the top.

    The Database field was located after entering the login and password, because authentication is needed in order to display the list of databases by Ctrl / Cmd + Space .


    In the comments to the last post, a lot of discussion about saving the password. Added new options and made a drop-down list. Values ​​of this list:

    - Do not save the password.
    - Save until the DataGrip is restarted (previously the “do not save” option worked this way).
    - Save to session: until you disconnect from the data source.
    - Save forever.


    To avoid confusion, enter an empty password through the context menu. Test Connection


    results are now shown in the window itself, no extra clicks and dialogs. And if the drivers are not downloaded, DataGrip will offer to do this. Previously, the Test Connection button was then blocked, which confused users.




    Read-only , Auto-sync , Transaction control settings have moved here from the General tab .

    New :

    - Run keep-alive query each N seconds: will stick a data source every N seconds. For databases that we don’t support, you can write a keep-alive request yourself. This is done in the driver settings.

    - Auto- disconnect after N seconds : the value entered here in seconds will indicate the DataGrip after which time it will automatically disconnect from the data source.

    - Startup script : Here you can enter a request that will be executed each time a connection is created. Recall that ifSingle connection
    mode is
    not enabled, a new connection is created for each new console.



    The filter of the objects displayed in the tree moved here.


    Navigation and search

    List of Recent Locations

    A new Recent locations window shows where you were recently. List items are small pieces of code that you recently edited or watched. This is useful if you remember the context, but do not remember the file name. In DataGrip, this often happens because all consoles are named in a similar way :) The default keyboard shortcut is
    Ctrl / Cmd + Shift + E.


    If you previously used this key combination to display a list of recently changed files, now, please use double-clicking the Ctrl / Cmd + E .

    Search along the way

    We removed the unnecessary options that we got from the platform: Module and Project . Now by default Find in pathin DataGrip searches everywhere. We also added a new search area for Attached Directories - it includes only files and folders from the Files panel.


    Actions from the navigation results

    Now actions that apply to objects in the code or tree work from the navigation results. For example, you are looking for a table. Here's what you can do from the results window.

    - View the DDL: the Ctrl / Cmd + Bed and .
    - Open data: F4 .
    - Open the Modify Table window: Ctrl / Cmd + F6 .
    - Display in another context: Alt + F1 (for example, show in a tree).
    - See general information: Ctrl + Q / F1 .
    - Generate SQL:Ctrl / Cmd + the Alt + the G .


    Work with code

    Combined elements in auto-completion
    For CREATEand DROPauto-completion offers combined options.


    Do not forget about abbreviations.


    New Inspections

    DataGrip will warn if you use a cursor that you did not open.


    The following two inspections are turned off by default, but some may need it.

    If you use unnamed arguments, it will be highlighted.


    Inspection that swears at the GOTO operator.


    Work with files

    Added a setting for the default project folder. New projects will be created in this folder. Save as


    action for the console now: - Offers the default project folder. - Remember the last choice. In the file tree, they added the Detach Directory action : unpin folder. Previously, to unpin a folder (that is, not to show it in this tree), you had to click Delete , and DataGrip asked: do you want to delete or unpin? It was inconvenient and incomprehensible :)



    Database tree

    We have written our introspection for DB2. This means that we obtain information about the database objects using queries, and not through the JDBC driver, as before. Thus, objects that did not exist before appeared in the tree: triggers, types, methods, modules, counters, roles, and others.


    The tree holds the context: the name of the data source sticks at the top.


    For unsupported databases, icons were drawn: those whose data sources are created for such databases will cease to be confused.


    We also painted abstract icons, they can be used in the driver settings.



    Custom Themes DataGrip
    users have the opportunity to make any color schemes. The new scheme is a plugin that must be installed from the Plugins section in the settings.


    Read here

    how to create your own topics: Detailed tutorial about how to create your own custom Theme .
    Blog post about creating custom themes for IntelliJ Platform

    We tried to make a couple of new ones ourselves. They look like this:


    Dark purple

    Data Editor

    Filter offers values ​​from the clipboard.



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