Upwork introduces a fee for the right to write to a potential customer

    A letter from CEO Upwork has just dropped in the mail saying that now it is necessary to pay from 15 US cents for each response to a published vacancy. Writing and translation under the cut.

    Original letter:

    Hi Dmitrii,

    I'm writing to tell you about an upcoming change to Upwork's Connects pricing and Terms of Service.

    Starting in May, Connects will cost $ 0.15 each, with no free Connects.
    • You'll need between 1 and 6 Connects, depending on the job, to submit a proposal.
    • Proposals submitted for invitations you receive from clients will continue to be free.
    • On average, most freelancers will spend about $ 5 per month or less on Connects.
    Why are we making this change?
    We want to help professional freelancers like you win more jobs. With paid Connects, we expect freelancers will submit fewer proposals, increasing your likelihood of winning projects and making it easier for clients to identify high-quality talent.

    What does this mean for you?
    • This change will take effect between May and June. We'll follow up with a reminder.
    • With this change, you can keep any unused Connects in your account, up to 140.
    • Because you're a Top Rated freelancer, we will also provide you with 60 additional free Connects to help you transition.

    We understand this is a big change but feel this is the best way to create more opportunities for you through Upwork in the long term. To learn more about this change, visit our resource page.

    Thank you for your business,

    Stephane Kasriel
    CEO, Upwork


    Hi freelancer,

    I am writing to tell you about upcoming changes in the prices of Upwork's Connects, as well as changes in the Terms of Service.

    Starting in May, any response to a vacancy will cost $ 0.15, there will be no free responses, as it was before.

    • You will spend 1-6 responses for each vacancy;
    • Responses to invitations from customers (Invitation) will remain free;
    • Most freelancers, on average, will spend $ 5 a month or less.

    Why did we do this?

    We want to help professional freelancers get even more work. We expect that with paid responses, freelancers will send fewer job applications, which will make it easier for you to get a job, and it's easier for customers to find professional performers.

    How will this affect you personally?

    • These changes will occur in May, we will send you an additional reminder
    • You can save up to 140 unused responses
    • Since you are a top freelancer, we will also give you 60 free responses from your shoulder, so you can survive this gloomy time

    We understand that these are big changes, nevertheless we think that this is the best way to create more opportunities for you in the long run. To learn more, please visit our web page.

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