Biochemical light bulbs

    Scientists managed to create a fundamentally new light source that does not require electricity. It is possible that in a few years biochemical lighting will be applied as widely as LED is now used.

    Bioluminescence has been known since 1668, but so far no one has been able to use it for the benefit of man.

    Luminous organisms live both on land (fireflies, luminous mushrooms) and in the sea (luminous mollusks, fish, jellyfish, plankton).

    Scientists at the Novosibirsk Institute of Genetic Engineering, in collaboration with the Biotechnology Department of Moscow State University, managed to create luminous microorganisms that give intense white light. When creating them, the genes of fireflies and jellyfish Aequorea Victoria were used.

    But that is not all!

    Developed the world's first biochemical lamp, which is a sealed ball, which contains a whole "universe" - the atmosphere, nutrient medium and millions of luminous microorganisms.

    The luminaire needs only natural sunlight in small volumes (daylight in a room with one window in cloudy weather for two hours a day is enough).

    According to the creators, such a lamp will work for at least five years. According to scientists, after this time, the self-reproduction of microorganisms begins to decrease due to mutations and the lamp gradually fades.

    A biochemical bulb gives about 10 lm of light. This is not much, but sixty of these bulbs can replace a 60-watt incandescent lamp and they are enough to fully illuminate a small room (such as a bathroom or toilet).

    The creators of the revolutionary light source do not stop there. Now, work is underway on launching a biochemical bulb into mass production and new genetic experiments: scientists hope to increase the brightness of the bulb and increase its operating time.

    I will try to get a sample of a biochemical lamp in the near future in order to test it in the project . It’s very interesting what spectrum and color rendering index are there.

    upd .: Congratulations on the first of April! Of course, it was a joke. But there is some truth in every joke, and I fully admit that such light sources may appear in the future.

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