Quo vadis. Developer Bans on Google Play

    Our mournful work will not be lost ...

    Without foreword

    Let's make an agreement right away. There will be no long intros in history from abacus to intellect, right away - face on the table. Who is in the subject - the one in the subject, who is not - will come later. Of course, you can ask questions, wishes and comments in the comments and, immediately without waiting for anyone, begin to answer yourself.

    Who is there?

    Thinking out loud.

    Here are the links on the topic that we managed to collect .

    I must say that these are the most heartbreaking stories, the visible part of the iceberg.

    On freelance exchanges, tasks regularly began to appear on placing applications on Google Play, either on purchasing a developer account, or on developing a custom application update system, which also seems to hint.

    Yes, there are a lot of slag in Google, and developers from sunny India are like stars in the sky. Ban - do not ban.

    The flesh itself is the bans of “connected” accounts. They even ban accounts of firms where "unscrupulous" developers work. There is only one happy end on the entire Internet (it is in the selection), but this is not accurate. What other bot will go through them in a year - God knows.

    Tightening nuts with permissions. Example. Users are roaring, they want a new feature, something with SMS. Google answers - it’s impossible, there are no justifications, it’s not the main function of the application, it’s not supposed. Well, they didn’t ban it, so they cut off a piece, live and rejoice.

    Answer to all questions

    Well, here is Google’s latest answer to all the questions . Enjoy it.

    Vae victis.

    Just statistics: online at the webinar was attended by 150 people, in telegram chat - 15, total video views - 500. Within the limits of statistical error. Not 500 million, like Ti-Seriz or Pyudipaev, I wanted to say that. So all is well.

    Why is that? And then you do not know. New features are money. Feedback, bugfixing, fussing with these your bans / bans are costs. Money is good, costs are bad.

    What to do?

    Who is to blame is clear. To whom it is not clear, we approach the mirror.
    What to do? Minimize dependencies.
    In a broad sense, reconsider the approach to his development career.
    In the narrow - do not get attached to the services of one manufacturer.
    In a very narrow one - to apply an architectural approach to application development, which will allow you not to depend entirely on the specific frameworks, services, databases and other things.

    I advise companies to “clean” their developers: at least no personal Google phones and personal accounts at the workplace. Hard? À la guerre comme à la guerre.

    Having torn myself away from the plow and looking beyond the historical perspective, I can’t find any examples when those who are from above would go on about those from below. I mean both IT history and ordinary. Yes, sometimes the “upper” were frightened and seemed to make concessions, but then, when people dispersed in their huts, special people always came and everything returned to normal.

    So we will be realistic, embedding into the existing system is our task.

    It's nothing personal, it's just business.

    Telegram chat for interested android_developers_ban . Come, cry and mash.


    99.99% of those reading are clearly off topic. Sero molunt deorum molae.
    I will explain in dotted lines.
    No one is against putting things in order.
    They ban you personally as a developer. Forever and ever. Without the right of correspondence, literally.
    Not every murder is given a life sentence, and at least there is a court.
    Even if a person made a mistake (I said “if”), is that all? No chance of a fix? And the startup where he works should also suffer? If this is normal for you, then approx.

    I do not have a ban, but there are two completely legitimate applications in unpublished status. After a brief correspondence with the bots (by naivety, I even offered them to examine the source code;) I did as they said;).

    Only registered users can participate in the survey. Please come in.

    What to do?

    • 16.5% Create your own Google 17
    • 11.6% Let's make noise, maybe we will scare 12
    • 21.3% We leave, we diversify 22
    • 23.3% We accept the rules of the game, protect ourselves 24
    • 9.7% Do nothing 10
    • 17.4% Posted by 18
    • 0% Custom option in comments 0

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