Fintech Digest: Dorsey pays with bitcoins, Australia's blockchain strategy, Levi's IPO, mayor of Chicago and the inevitability of bitcoin


    Today we have this:

    • The Australian government has a blockchain plan;
    • The mayor of Chicago considers the adoption of cryptocurrencies as a means of payment inevitable;
    • Jack Dorsey will pay cryptocurrencies with cryptocurrency;
    • Levi Strauss & Co raised $ 623.3 million on IPO.

    Blockchain in Australia

    The Australian government has launched a national “blockchain plan” and hopes that the fintech sector will actively support it. Karen Andrews, the country's Minister of Industry, Science and Technology, announced this strategy, which includes blockchain regulation issues, related innovations and investments, as well as the nuances of cooperation between market players and international cryptocurrency competition.

    The state support of the project is 100,000 Australian dollars, another 700,000 was received from the state agency for digital transformations as investments for creating a state payment system, and 350,000 for the development of blockchain standards.

    The first sign in practice is financing the participation of some fintech projects in a landmark event for the cryptocurrency industry,Austrade Consensus Mission .

    The mayor of Chicago, Ram Emanuel, thinks in a similar way - he believes that the adoption of cryptocurrencies is inevitable in principle.

    Cryptocurrencies and Chicago

    On March 18, in Illinois, during a FinTank meeting dedicated to discussing fintech, Ram talked about cryptocurrencies in general and blockchain in particular. Here it is necessary to take into account that Emanuel himself during the meeting a couple of times clarified to reporters that he does not have sufficient knowledge about cryptocurrencies, so he tried to explain the inevitability of cryptocurrencies, based not only on financial or technical factors, but on what he understands - on factors political.

    The theme of the meeting itself was “How to make Chicago the capital of world crypto trading,” and, in addition to Emanuel and journalists, there were many players from the world of cryptocurrencies in Greater Chicago .

    After the speech, the mayor was asked a number of questions, one of the journalists specified whether Rama himself has cryptocurrency, to which he answered:

    I don’t, I think my children will figure out to get it

    Jack Dorsey Seeks Crypto Talents

    Jack made not only Twitter, but also Square , the very payment system that Apple almost bought before making Apple Pay. Now Square is quite competing with Stripe and, judging by Jack's recent statement, it will also focus on cryptocurrencies.

    Work from anywhere, report only to me, yes and yes, get paid with bitcoins

    In jeans at IPO

    Levi Strauss & Co. at the first public offering raised $ 623.3 million. A week ago, on March 21, 36.7 million shares were sold at $ 17 each. For lovers of jeans and stocks - the ticker “LEVI”. This happened 146 years after receiving a patent for the first pair of blue jeans.

    Patent for the production of "work straps with pockets for knife, money and coins"

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