3D scanning of a person in 30 seconds will be shown at the exhibition

    Texel, Inc.

    Russian engineers from Texel, Inc. show a 3D scanner that scans a person at full height in 30 seconds. Everyone can try out a novelty on himself.

    Moscow startup Texel, which has already attracted more than 50 million rubles of investments, produces scanners for 3D scanning of people. And any objects of similar sizes that will not fall from a rotating platform.

    Scanning one person takes only 30 seconds. During this time, the scanner takes 4000 photos. Another minute is spent on processing the scan and the model is ready. It is very fast compared to a hand-held 3D scanner.

    If you need 3D printing, preparing the file will take another five minutes.

    The device is able to pass through itself from 17 to 40 people per hour. That is, it is quite realistic to use it in commerce - to scan people for money.

    Texel, Inc.

    Texel's director believes that one of the most promising areas of Portal's application is virtual fitting rooms in online and offline stores. There are already world precedents - Amazon recently bought 3D Body Labs, which operates on the same profile.

    Maxim Fedyukov, co-founder of Texel startup:
    “Ten years ago, when I graduated from university, I didn’t even think that stores would implement virtual fitting rooms. And if they told me that I would be engaged in such a business, I would become the CEO of a startup, I would sell the product to China, I would answer: “You mixed me up with someone.”

    3D copies of a person created by scanning can be used for other purposes: for 3D printing miniature figurines, creating a hologram or digital 3D photo for memory, for creating three-dimensional avatars for VR and online games - for all this resolution is a millimeter more than enough.

    A girl poses as a model for a 3D mannequin.
    Roman Kanashchuk / TASS.

    One can still fantasize for what purpose a digital three-dimensional phantom of a real existing person may be needed. Any ideas? Share in the comments.

    Texel, Inc.

    The immediate opportunity to test the operation of this scanner will be presented to everyone at the exhibition of additive technologies, which will be held at the end of April in Technopolis Moscow.

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