Bloomberg: McDonald's will buy a developer of personalization technology menu for $ 300 million

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    According to Bloomberg, McDonald’s is close to completing its largest takeover in 20 years. Fast food restaurant chain million will buy Dynamic Yield Ltd., a personalization technology development company, The amount of the transaction will be $ 300 million.

    Deal details

    Journalists learned about the upcoming purchase from sources "familiar with the situation." Under the agreement, for $ 300 million, McDonald's will become the sole owner of Dynamic Yield, with offices in New York and Tel Aviv. This is McDonald's biggest deal in twenty years.

    The technology startup will continue to function as a separate company. McDonald's will continue to invest in the development of its technology, which is already used by companies such as Urban Outfitters Inc., Ikea and HelloFresh

    In 2018, McDonald's network tested Dynamic Yield technology in its restaurants in the United States. After closing the deal, the company plans to actively implement it - in particular for use in street screens with menus for customers on cars.

    Why McDonald's invests in technology

    The new technology will allow McDonald's to change the menu displayed on the screens depending on many factors, including the weather. For example, on cold days, the system will display more options for coffee and other hot drinks, and in the heat it will highlight ice cream. In addition, such an automated menu will offer customers additional products.

    After joining the post of CEO in 2015, Steve Easterbrook took a course on introducing new technologies. Over the past few years, self-service kiosks, digital menus, and even delivery have appeared in network establishments.

    All this helps McDonald's attract customers and stand out from the competition. At the same time, the company rarely makes acquisitions, but the purchase of Dynamic Yield in the future will provide a competitive advantage in the market.

    In a comment to Forbes, Eastbrook said that “technology is a critical element for growth,” so its role in McDonald's business will become increasingly important. The main goal of the network is to increase the level of personalization when going to its establishments.

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