Cmus console player for Linux

    Good day.

    At the moment I use the cmus console player, which is very convenient to use. In light of this, I would like to write a short review.


    At the new workstation, I finally moved to Linux. In this regard, there was a need to find software that would be suitable for work related needs. Although there are enough interface players for linux, they are all somewhat piled up and not very beautiful (my opinion may not coincide with the opinion of readers because it is IMHO). The following criteria were included in the search parameters:

    • Simplicity
    • Convenience
    • Low RAM consumption
    • Ability to play and scan subfolders
    • Related buns inherent in a regular player

    In the process, I came across cmus. The player ... the console ... and why not, I thought and executed the usual command for many:

    sudo apt-get install cmus

    After the first launch, we see the following:


    In order to add music to the playlist, just execute the command. Press ":" as in vi and write:

    add ~/Music

    As a result of this command, you will see a list of subfolders and tracks as in the first screenshot.

    To navigate the program, you can use arrow keys, tab (to switch between areas), space (to expand subfolders), delete (to delete tracks from the list). There is also a huge number of hot keys. To change the windows in the player, the number keys are used from 1 to 7. In the 7th window, you can reconfigure the hot keys for yourself.

    You can read more about this of course by executing the command:

    man cmus

    In playback mode, the player “eats” about 10 mb of RAM, which I consider to be a very modest size.
    The official website claims support for several more pleasant features (such as audio scrolling), as well as add-ons (connecting multimedia keys, downloading music from spotify or youtube.

    To summarize, you can safely say that this player is extremely convenient and flexible.

    I agree that it is not for all, but only for console geeks =)

    On this I take my leave.

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