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    How prettier the Internet is at ... or what useful (and not so) public services you can get online.

    Am I an addict? Grandmother’s court at the entrance thinks that yes (in fact, no - I always greeted them, and now there’s a certificate!). Was I a convict? No information is available, another statement says. Have I undergone a medical examination? Definitely yes, although I don’t remember this, but this is not a reason not to pay 1,400 rubles for such a “service” to the state to the medical institution. What is the size of my PKI ? The state says that it’s big with me and with age it will only become bigger and better, but we know (c).

    American hackers decided to influence the election results in Russia, but so far simply can not register on the website of the State Services.
    (c) internet

    About article

    Under the cut, I’ll tell you with notarized screenshots about useful and not very public services that I received (or not received at all). I will describe how they simplify life, or vice versa complicate it. The post will be more ironic, because most services are still useless, or they do not work as expected, and those that work are used infrequently.

    This post is exclusively my experience of using the State Services portal - and attempts to make my life easier (from the post it will seem that the other way around).


    1. Filing a 3-NDFL declaration to the Federal Tax Service
    2. Obtaining a second passport
    3. Receiving an extract from the USRN
    4. Information from the GIS system of housing and communal services about the house and services from the management company
    5. Getting a credit history
    6. Information on pension savings and work experience
    7. Getting a certificate of absence / criminal record
    8. Obtaining a certificate of lack of punishment for drug use
    9. Country-specific threat information
    10. View a list of all medical services received in government clinics
    11. Conclusion

    Filing a 3-NDFL declaration to the Federal Tax Service

    You can file a 3-income tax return onlinein order to get a tax deduction for treatment, buying an apartment and even for some expenses, but then still get into the tax and stand in line, because the declaration was somehow crookedly received by the Federal Tax Service. It turned out that using your own electronic signature (issued, of course, by the accredited Ministry of Communications of the CA) when signing the declaration turned out to be a bad idea. As a result, one of my declarations with the attached files did not “pass”, because the attached files were somehow crookedly signed. I had to remove my electronic signature from my office, “generate” electronic signature from the Federal Tax Service, saving it to their servers (secured, yes), and after that I sent the declaration without problems and registered with the Federal Tax Service without any problems. But in the end, time is still lost, because the Federal Tax Service, by law, considers declarations for no more than 3 months. So with each resubmission of the amended declaration, the deadline starts counting again. By the way, one of my declarations simply disappeared, and when I resubmitted, I received a message that such a declaration already exists, although it is not displayed in my account. I had to indicate the adjustment number in order to re-file the declaration. In general, the quest for the return of a couple of kopecks eats so much time that it would be easier to earn this money on the weekend, scattering Yandex.Food.

    Need more declarations!

    Obtaining a second passport

    You can also submit documents online to your second passport , edit the photo for 2 hours, and then come to the MFC and find out that the desired window is open until 17:00 and only on weekdays. Perhaps this is the most useful service, because allows you to get at least something tangible, while you can save 1,500 rubles when making online , spending 3,500 rubles instead of 5,000if you pay through public services. Of course, collecting information for a passport is a whole story. In particular, you must specify all your places of work / study over the past 10 years, addresses of institutions and more. At home, this is still easier to do than sitting somewhere else. In fairness, it is worth noting that on August 18 (Saturday) I applied, on August 21 (Tuesday) I received an invitation to take pictures, I took a picture, on September 5 I received a notification about sending my passport for printing in the State Signature, and on September 10 I arrived and received it. Thus, the passport was made in 24 calendar days, or in terms of working days - 15 working days.

    Case closed, colleague! (c)

    Obtaining an extract from the Unified State Register of Real Estate (USRN)

    You can get an extract from the USRN (information about your apartment / house / cottage), for your own 300 rubles, and then google for half a day, how to open the data received, and after opening them, find out why the picture with the layout is not displayed. The story with this system is generally beautiful - to get an extract from the Unified State Register of Real Estate (USRN) about your house / apartment / cottage, you need to be in your account Rosreestra(authorization through government services) select your property and create a request for the necessary data. Payment takes place through some strange intermediaries that you can choose. In general, it is opaque and not userferndly, but as it is. After payment, the electronic help was ready in a couple of days (collecting information into packages is also work), after which a surprise will be waiting for you: you will be given a zip download, in which there will be: folder “1”, * xml file and a disconnected electronic signature in * xml.sig format. But how to view an honestly paid statement? Needed on a special pageRosreestra download the received xml file and the disconnected signature, enter the captcha, after which the service, or rather “service”, will offer a link, I quote, “Show in human readable format”. The human-readable format turns out to be quite human - but not very readable - the apartment plan is not loaded . It turns out that you need to save the html page that opens after clicking the "Show in human-readable format" button -> Save to the root of the response-xxxxx folder that Rosreestr gave to download. And only after that it will be possible to read this unhappy statement relatively calmly, but the picture in it is still on such a scale that you can’t see anything on it, so it’s better to open the picture separately, even in the same Paint.
    PS You can get very scarce, but free, information in the Federal Register at the linkif you know, for example, the cadastral number. But the information is so scarce that it is almost useless.

    Screenshot from Rosreestr's personal account

    Information from the GIS system of housing and communal services about the house and services from the management company

    You can try to get information from the GIS utilities about your home, utilities, etc. Alas, the functionality of the portal is almost inaccessible for residents of Moscow, so if someone from the hub users from the supported regions can tell and show what the portal can do, write in the comments.

    Screenshot from the personal account of the GIS housing and communal services

    Getting a credit history

    It is possible to get 2 credit histories per year for free from each credit bureau (even if you did not take loans!) In which your business is stored. By the link you can find out in which credit bureau your history is stored, so that later through your personal account of a particular credit bureau you can request your story. This service should be considered in more detail, because it is divided into 2 stages: you need to understand in which (which) credit bureau your story is stored, and when you find out in which bureau it is stored - send a request for your credit history there. Before, before the adoption of amendments to the law on credit histories, it was necessary to somehow find out your “code of the subject of credit history” (I still could not find it), then through the websiteThe Central Bank to find out in which credit bureau (s) your history is stored, after which, on the website of this bureau, if it supported online requests, request your credit history. Now, thanks to the amendments to the “Federal Law of December 30, 2004 N 218-ФЗ“ On Credit Histories ”(Article 13), it has become technically possible to obtain information through the State Services on which credit bureaus keep your credit business, after which it is already register on the bureau’s website, or log in through State Services and get your credit history.

    UPD: It turns out, according to paragraph 2, Article 8, Federal Law of December 30, 2004 N 218-ФЗ (as amended on August 3, 2018) “On Credit Histories” (as amended and supplemented, entered into force on January 31, 2019) can be legally received from each bureauin which your credit business is stored its credit history 2 times a year for free . For some reason I thought that in principle I can only order my credit history free of charge 2 times a year. So, if the credit history is stored in 3 bureaus, then you can request your history 6 times a year for free. Initially, I indicated in this post that no more than two credit histories per year can be obtained free of charge, no matter how many bureaus it is stored in. This information was incorrect, I apologize.

    Clause 2 of Article 8 of the Federal Law "On Credit Histories":
    2. The subject of credit history has the right to each credit history bureau in which the credit history is stored about him no more than twice a year (but no more than once on paper) for free and any number of times for a fee without indicating reasons for receiving a credit report on their credit history, including the individual rating of the subject of the credit history (if any), including information accumulated in accordance with this Federal Law on the sources of the formation of the credit history and on the users of the credit history who ydavalis credit reports.

    An interesting moment - in Russia there is the largest Russian credit history bureau called the National credit history bureau . Having studied almost the entire site, I still could not find how an individual to enter his personal account. As a result, in roundabout ways, through chat-correspondence forums, thanks to SLASH_id, I found the link through which you can create your personal account, and already through it request your credit history. By the way, there is the opportunity for ~ 700 rubles to request your credit history at Sberbank and Tinkoff Bank, but in Tinkoff (for 60 rubles) it is a little more than completely useless - there are no details, and in Sber it is more complete than in Tinkoff, but anyway does not reach a full report, which gives the credit bureau.

    Example of information received about the location of the credit history

    Information on pension savings and work experience

    Get information about their pension savings, as well as the number of nai points by which pensions can live a healthy, full of new experiences, life can be either on the public services of the link , either on the website of the Pension Fund of Russia (you also played this screensaver from advertising in the head?). This service is quite informative, as allows you to understand which employer made contributions to the fund and who did not. You can also see your official seniority (updated, as I understand it, once a quarter or less), the amount of pension savings, as well as an individual pension coefficient aka points, on the basis of which the future pension will be calculated.

    An example of a personal account of the FIU

    Part of pdf'ki with a detailed report on seniority, etc. from the personal account of the FIU

    Getting a certificate of absence / criminal record

    You can get a certificate of absence / criminal record signed by electronic signature here . Previously, by the way, it was possible to request the issuance of paper certificates through the State Services, and if you were ready, come to the Ministry of Internal Affairs for it. In 2013, I tried to get it 3 times in 2013 - I ordered it online, a month later I received a notification that the certificate was ready, I came to the Ministry of Internal Affairs (I worked nearby, at lunchtime, I was naive, I wanted to pick it up), and there the tail of the line is already visible from the door. For the sake of this, I was not ready to stand in such a huge line, so I did not receive it in paper then.

    An example of a certificate of criminal record

    Obtaining a certificate of lack of punishment for drug use

    To receive a certificate signed by electronic signature stating that no drug addict was not brought to administrative responsibility for the use of narcotic drugs, please follow the link .

    Help Received Example

    Country-specific threat information

    You can also find out whether there are security threats for tourists in the country where you are going on vacation through public services by reference , and then electronically report where your route sheet is needed (optional, but you can actually indicate where and how much you are traveling, where you will be spend the night and that’s all), so that they know where, why and how much you’re traveling. The answer will come both in the personal account of State services, and by mail from, attention, AIS INFUBT - when I saw such an abbreviation, it immediately breathed reverent awe before the knowledge of the all-seeing eye.

    Sample message from AIS INFUBT

    View a list of all medical services received in government clinics

    You can look at all the medical services provided in state medical institutions and find out a lot about yourself, for example, tests that never passed or medical examinations that never went through. Residents of Moscow need to go to their personal account on the website of the Moscow City Fund for Mandatory Medical Insurance (pay attention to the name of the link that the site redirects when trying to enter your personal office - suddenly you are superstitious and do not want to open Pandora's box). For residents of other regions (including Moscow), you can see the list of medical services provided through the State Services at the link , but only for the period starting 09.09.2016.

    Part of the pdf of the services provided


    Perhaps someone does everything the old fashioned way - he pays housing bills, fines and other things according to receipts at the Sberbank box office, but it’s no secret that, in particular, in Moscow, you can make readings of water meters, electricity, pay fines, make an appointment with the doctor, and also recharge travel cards and more via the Internet. It’s worth noting the Our city portal (only for Moscow, apparently) - it is through it that you can report a particular problem (broken stop, fallen trees, signs in transitions, etc.) and get a surprisingly quick solution to the problem, and the result of corrections is often quite normal (although it can’t do without work done in a tyap-blunder).

    However, despite the wagon and a small cart of shortcomings associated with the implementation of certain State services, some basic, but often used public services work quite correctly and conveniently. But the rest of the services, unfortunately, are either not translated into electronic form, or for one reason or another are not usable for the average computer user (which is an example with an extract from the USR). It would be interesting to hear how public services are developing in the regions beyond the Moscow Ring Road, as in Moscow, yet the situation is not the worst, as I suspect.

    PS In the new version of the State Service, alas, it is impossible to verify the validity of the electronic signature, or to verify the legitimacy of the file with the disconnected electronic signature. But this can be done either on the old version of Government services , or through SKB Kontur (Kontur.Kripto) .

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