Andrei opened his eyes. Around it all looked the same as always. He should not have felt the difference, they told him. At least at first.

    There was no one in the office. Andrey looked at his watch - it was half past twelve, the height of dinner. Without delaying the case indefinitely, the young man went to the kitchen, since she was opposite.

    To his surprise, there was no one in the kitchen. After standing a bit in indecision, Andrew began to carefully examine the kitchen. She has slightly changed.

    First, one of the two trash bins disappeared. Secondly, there was no chair in which some of his colleagues liked to rest. Andrew himself never used the chair, as he considered such an interior item to be overkill in the kitchen, but still the fact of the disappearance of the chair slightly surprised him.

    In the closet, a new disappearance was discovered - all the coffee had disappeared. This did not upset Andrew, because he did not drink coffee.

    But the strangest appeared to his eyes when he looked into the refrigerator. There was no one's food except him. This was really unusual, since 30 people worked with Andrey, and almost all brought food for lunch.

    Having changed his mind, Andrei drank water from the cooler, listened to his inner feelings, and went to the toilet.

    Turning the corner, the young man stopped in his tracks. Before him was the door to the men's room. And there was no female toilet door — there was a wall in its place.

    Andrei slowly approached the wall and carefully examined the place where yesterday was the door. No trace, absolutely flat, solid wall. Knocking on it, he realized that there were no voids in the wall.

    Having forgotten why he had come, Andrei turned around and wanted to go to his office, but a corridor with doors to other rooms appeared before his eyes.

    More precisely, there were doors in this corridor, as now there is not a single one left in it.
    Andrew was growing panic. Either this is a very stupid and expensive joke, or he goes crazy.

    Fearing that all the doors would disappear, he hurried to his office. Fortunately, his door was in place.
    However, the happiness did not last long. Entering the room, Andrew saw that all the tables, except him, were missing. He did not notice this when he left, as he sat at the very entrance.

    The young man’s gaze fell on a window on the opposite wall — the only thing left in the room, except for the workplace.

    Anticipating evil, Andrew went to the window and opened the blinds. At first he did not understand what he was looking at. Then his eyes began to widen in horror.

    In the window was the sun, the clouds in the sky, and, in fact, the blue sky. There was nothing else. There was no land.

    Andrei was dizzy, he recoiled from the window. Looking around helplessly, he sat down on a single chair.

    I wanted to call just to hear someone's voice, but there was no mobile phone anywhere. However, there was a business telephone on the desk for internal calls. Andrei began to dial all the numbers in a row. No one answered.

    Almost in desperation, he last dialed the number of the director. In the phone they answered:
    - I am listening.
    - Vladimir Nikolayevich, is that you? - for joy Andrew responded immediately.
    - Yes.
    - Listen what's going on? Where is everyone? Where are the doors in the corridors? Where are the people? And why is there nothing behind the window?
    - Andrei Konstantinovich, you have everything you need for work. I do not answer existential questions, - the director answered and hung up.

    Everything you need for work. "Well, of course," Andrei thought. "I never communicated with colleagues in the office on work issues, only in chat and by mail.

    I did not sit in the chair, did not drink coffee and used only one trashcan. I did not eat someone else's food. I did not go to the female toilet. I didn’t even try to enter other rooms, because I don’t need it. And to illuminate the workplace of the earth is not required! "

    Andrei slowly got up. Now that he understood everything, it remains to find the answer to the last question - how to get out of here? Something was said to him about the emergency exit, but he still did not understand how to accomplish it.

    Looking around, he saw a fire extinguisher. He took it, walked over to the window, swung it and hit the glass. The glass broke. But Andrei did not see this anymore - a moment before he lost consciousness.

    - Andrei Konstantinovich! Andrei Konstantinovich! - someone called him and shook his shoulder. - Wake up!
    Andrei opened his eyes. Before him sat a teacher of advanced training courses for system administrators.
    - Andrei Konstantinovich, are you alright?
    - Yes. But I just had a nightmare.
    “Oh, do not worry, everyone reacts this way for the first time,” the teacher said with satisfaction. - Now you feel fine? Any complaints or ailments?
    Andrew listened to the sensations. No, he felt completely normal.
    “It seems to be all right with me.” What happened to me?
    “It was a demonstration of a new technology for isolating workflows called Docker,” the teacher simply beamed. It was evident that he was very proud of her. - Have you noticed that you have nothing left to do at work?
    - Yes, but how did you achieve it? They put me to sleep, and then they transported me to a room similar to my work?
    - That's the thing, no! The setting was real! It really was your real job.
    - What? I do not believe you.
    “I understand, no one believes right away,” said the teacher with a smile. - Nevertheless, I am not deceiving you - you really were at your place of work. We just changed your perception of the world around us.
    - Like this?
    - All people and objects were around you in their places. Just your brain filtered some images. Watched the Matrix?
    - Yes.
    “Remember what Morpheus said?” "What is reality? And how to define it? The whole set of sensations: visual, tactile, olfactory - these are receptor signals, electrical impulses perceived by the brain."
    “But they didn't connect me to any Matrix ... And you yourself just said that everything was real.” How did you achieve this effect?
    - Of course, everything was real. We have given you a special preparation that creates what you call the "selective veil". Not a dungeon for the mind, but rather a set of screens to hide the excess.
    - How is this possible?
    - I don’t know the details, you have to ask the chemists about it. Do you have any other questions for me? I understand the material is new, unusual, so do not hesitate to ask. This, incidentally, applies to the entire audience.

    Nobody asked questions, so Andrei looked around and said:
    - Yes, I have one more question.
    - I'm listening.
    - Where are all the other students?

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