We invite you to MskDotNet Meetup # 34 in Raiffeisenbank upd Broadcast

    On March 28, MskDotNet and RaiffeisenIT Community invite to the next community meeting. We open the door for everyone who wants to share experiences and learn something new. Mitap will be held at the Raiffeisenbank site in Nagatino’s office.

    We traditionally open the doors for guests at 18:30, and start at 19:00. The program has two reports.

    Chertorylsky Ilya

    Front-end developer in Raiffeisenbank with knowledge of a huge variety of libraries and frameworks. In the past he was engaged in full-stack development in C #, as well as in the architecture of applications.

    “Blazor through the eyes of a front-end developer”

    Consider Blazor as one of the few or perhaps the only webassembly framework for creating a SPA application, in one of the popular C # programming languages.

    Shiryaev Maxim

    During his career, Maxim was an architect, technologist and analyst. He linked his activities with many areas of business: from printing and real estate to banking. Today, he is a system analyst at one of the main activities in Raiffeisenbank.

    “GraphQL: simple, clear, optimal.”

    The report will examine the history of GraphQL and the query language, the role and place of this technology. The main libraries and patterns will be taken apart. The benefits of GraphQL in production will be demonstrated as an example. An answer will be given to the question: what problems and prospects are associated with this technology. And many many others.

    Participation in the event is free, but you must register.

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