UI redesign is often a waste of time

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As a preface, I note that I mainly work on the backend and prefer the appropriate code. I have been engaged in web and software development for more than four years and have worked with many front-end and server frameworks.

The new Twitter interface

Before all the UI designers hit me, let me just say that I appreciate the design . The product or website should be at least convenient to use , and if you have a sharp eye and a firm hand , then you will surely create something that looks nice. Just stop redoing it all the time.

David (Michelangelo)

Altering the UI, in my opinion, is a waste of time in 95% of cases. Let me explain.

Nobody cares

Look at our fresh design ! And what about material design , come see! Sorry, but apart from fixing the UI, where it affects the usability of your application, no one is crazy about how redesign improves the application.

People use the application because of its functionality, and not because it looks nice.

You go to Google Maps not because it looks beautiful, but because it shows where to find delicious tacos. You use Facebook not because of a good UI, but for chatting with friends and sharing photos. You go to the gamestop.com game storenot because you like the flow of advertisements and the confusing navigation through the chaotic drop-down menus, but to buy Anthem .

A little too much, no?

The user interface should only be updated if it affects the ability of the user to actually use your application.

If you find that users cannot go to page x because it is hidden in the menu, be sure to move the link. Call the page. Move the logout button so that it makes sense to everyone. Publish forms in an understandable way. This is not a redesign, but simply a good design that should reflect the needs of the business and your users.

Blow to a regular audience

I hate to re-learn the new interface. Especially when the redesign becomes too ambitious. You need to understand that each redesign of the UI requires additional effort to understand where something has been updated.

Regular users do not like change. When they learned something, they like to work on autopilot, it’s much easier. The more you change, the more effort is required to master the new items.

New BMO Harris Web Portal Design

No, this is not my real balance, I'm not rich.

Please stop changing everything, stop overburdening us with extra work, forcing us to re-examine the applications we love.

It's dust in the eyes

Management loves to hear that you have made “big changes” in this “fresh new look”: like Charlie Bucket with his golden ticket to Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory.

My Golden Ticket to Willy Wonka's Factory

Especially if you have a public company and investors who are eager to increase their investments. There is some pressure on progress, moving forward - and an easy way to do this with the word “redesign”. Everyone likes to hear about this big new design that you rolled out: better marketing, a smoother logo, a simpler interface ... All these phrases bring great praise and thoughts about profit.

Is there really any real benefit, or do you just want to keep designers busy with something?

Is there concrete evidence that the redesign will benefit the company or users? Or do we just want to remake the UI? Think about it for a moment.

He encourages the worst side of our nature

We are already dependent on these bursts of dopamine, on something new. Do we really need another redesign , or is this a temporary solution until we move on to something else again?

Sometimes an opportunity! = A necessity.

Maybe you should think again about these endless redesigns - and spend time on something more useful. For example, to reduce technical debt.


What do you think about it? It would be interesting to know the views of both parties.

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