New ideas for a new future

    For those who want to see what they dreamed about.


    The goal of this project is to create a base of ideas, technologies, inventions, solutions in any areas that can be freely used and improved. Any good idea can be proposed, improved, or independently implemented. It’s like the Internet, only designed to quickly search, access and offer ideas that will be cataloged.

    What for?

    This is an attempt to build a future in which we will become better and about which we dreamed.

    Why now?

    When I imagined the future, I thought that we would have incredible technologies in it that could give stable development in all areas. Ideas that will make life better.
    A society that will understand the value of life and all its potential. And what I think is always so lacking is the hope that we can still become something more than just a few hundred states that divided the Earth into parts, and considering their borders to be the limit of responsibility and the place of our stay.

    As it may sound corny, I wanted to see a completely different world, filled with novelty and progress. Which is interesting to live in.

    Flights through space, flying cars, lack of need every day to be in search of food, and, probably, something else. What will make life not a process - but something more.

    But at the moment this is not so.

    We are the same as before - we are trying to survive, simultaneously creating for ourselves a certain path that repeats the same mistakes. Limited resources and an increasing population only exacerbate this situation. Never in history have we had such advanced technologies in related fields, and, in my opinion, we have never used them so meaninglessly and in vain. The ability to exchange information has become a means of manipulation. The capabilities of technology are used for production only taking into account the market, causing environmental problems. The ability to administratively limit the use of technology - to a directional inhibition of scientific and technological progress, which could help solve many problems and accelerate development.

    And I understand perfectly that for a few decades, they will not fundamentally change anything.
    If you have time, you need to use it. Now.

    I appeal to everyone who wants to live in a new future.

    We can, using our mind and the ability to create, build a new future that will be better than what awaits us.

    You don’t need to be a genius - just have your own beliefs and remember what you can create. This is the main thing.

    All that is needed for embodiment is already there. The only thing missing for the new future is good and new ideas, as well as those who can materialize them.

    Of course, you have a question - why is this needed?

    “I already earn and live; I have an interesting income-generating business; I work and I like the work? Are all these efforts necessary for the sake of the future? Everything suits me. ”
    I will not convince you of this, as I am counting on those who have already answered these questions for themselves differently.

    The answer you see now in front of you. This is the text on your screen that was invented and made by someone. Software written by someone that displays this text. All this was done by people. Different people, for various reasons. But surely among them were dreamers who believed that what he created would live longer than themselves and create the future that they had in their dreams. And their contribution to the future has already paid off. I am grateful to them.

    It is in our power to do more and faster. And I hope that the one who reads this text now in the future that we were able to create will understand me best. He will be inspired, knowing how it all began.

    How will we do this?

    To do this, you need the following skills: everything that you know now and what you can learn. We must use our knowledge in all areas to preserve and improve life, to obtain sustainable development, which will not be hindered by any personal conflicts and prejudices.

    We will start with small tasks, improving ourselves, expanding our knowledge and skills.
    We will not violate the laws of the countries in which we are located.

    You don’t have to move somewhere to work on the future.

    Our tool for changing the situation is the mind. We will not harm anyone or force us to accept our point of view. If someone wants to, he can voluntarily join our project or stop participating in it.

    This is a decentralized project. Like open source, only designed to implement a more effective approach in all areas. He has no center - everyone can develop everything locally.

    To be honest, I'm not completely sure that everything will work out.

    But ceteris paribus, “try or not,” I chose for myself one that can change something.

    So what needs to be done?

    If you have good ideas - you fill out a form with an idea / link / illustration, drawing. I add it to the catalog / list of ideas.

    You want to do / improve something and are looking for options or ideas - go to the catalog / list , select and implement, improve it. The only condition is that you must not violate the law if this idea or invention is protected by a patent in your country.

    In the future, the catalog with ideas / forms for adding may change, but it will be here:

    Only one request - do not come up with bad ideas :)

    What to do with ideas that you come up with or want to use if they are already protected by patents? The answer is simple - improve them. Create new ones. I do not believe that there is only one way to solve the problem.

    So far, the catalog contains only those ideas that I managed to come up with / improve myself. Do not be surprised and do not be shy about simple descriptions and solutions - they sometimes allow you to take a different look at the task.

    On old roads you can’t come to a new place. It is necessary to lay a new one. This time there is an opportunity to consciously choose a direction and not repeat past mistakes.


    I would like to hear the opinion of experts who are versed in distributed (decentralized) databases, how big it can be without loss of search efficiency and access to information. Maybe one of you has already thought of such a solution. Blockchain / mesh for the sake of blockchain / mesh is not needed, you need an opinion / suggestion about the architecture of such a system.

    Thank you for taking the time to read.


    New ideas for a new future

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