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    Bill No. 608767-7 on the autonomous work of the Runet was submitted to the State Duma on December 14, 2018, and in February it was approved in the first reading . The authors are Senator Lyudmila Bokova, Senator Andrei Klishas and MP Andrei Lugovoi.

    For the second reading, a number of amendments were prepared for the document, including one very important one. The costs of telecom operators for the purchase and maintenance of equipment will be offset by the budget . This was told by one of the authors of the bill, Senator Lyudmila Bokova.

    As you know, bill No. 608767-7 imposes new obligations on telecom operators and owners of traffic exchange points and gives additional powers to Roskomnadzor.

    In particular, telecom operators are required to:

    1. Follow routing rules established by Roskomnadzor.
    2. Correct routing at the request of Roskomnadzor.
    3. When resolving domain names, use software and hardware allowed by Roskomnadzor, as well as the national domain name system.
    4. Use only traffic exchange points from the traffic exchange registry.
    5. Promptly inform Roskomnadzor of information about its network addresses, routes of telecommunications, software and hardware used to resolve domain names and the infrastructure of communication networks.

    It is proposed to supplement article 66.1 of the Law on Communications, including the following paragraph:

    “In the event of threats to the integrity, stability and security of functioning of the Internet and the public communications network in the territory of the Russian Federation, the centralized communications public network may be managed by the federal executive body that exercises control and supervision functions in the field of mass media, mass communications, information technologies and communications, in the manner specified by the Government of the Russian Federation, including, inter alia, measures to eliminate NIJ Threat integrity, stability and safety of the territory of the Russian Federation, the network '' Internet 'and the public network.
    Centralized management of the public communication network is carried out by managing technical means to counter threats and (or) by transmitting binding instructions to telecom operators, owners or owners of technological communication networks, as well as other persons with an autonomous system number. ”

    According to the explanatory note, “the draft federal law has been prepared taking into account the aggressive nature of the US National Cybersecurity Strategy adopted in September 2018”.

    In December, the working group “Communication and IT” of the Expert Council under the Government of the Russian Federation prepared a reviewto the text of the bill. According to experts, only one-time costs can reach 25 billion rubles. for research and development work, the creation and maintenance of a register of traffic exchange points, the expansion of the staff of structures subordinate to Roskomnadzor, and the conduct of exercises. In addition, compensation will be required for telecom operators in case of network disruptions, the risk of which is assessed by industry participants as high. They should be provided for in the federal budget at the level of up to 10% of the market volume, that is 134 billion rubles. in year.

    Initially, it was assumed that the enactment of the law would not require budgetary funds. But it soon became clear that this was not so. This year, the Russian government published a review of the bill criticizing the financial and economic justification, which is provided in the accompanying note to it. The criticism is caused by the fact that the financial and economic justification “does not define the sources and the procedure for fulfilling a new type of expenditure obligations”.

    “So far we know one thing - that such [budget] funds will be required, and currently an assessment of expenses is underway. Clearly, we need to present them also in dynamics. Because any control system, protection system attached including the load - and the load dynamics and network bandwidth, and it is growing now virtually explosively, and every year a very substantial increase in traffic and capacity needs ", - said the February 5 Deputy Chairman Government of the Russian Federation Maxim Akimov.

    And now we see how the authors solve the problem. If they had initially declared that the bill would require significant budgetary expenditures, then the document could be deployed to the economic committee (theoretically) - it would not have reached the State Duma at all. But they said that isolating the Runet would not require any budget expenditures. The bill was passed on first reading. And now the authors are amending that this initiative will still be financed from the budget.

    Compensation from the budget is “the only option”, Senator Bokova explained. Otherwise, telecom operators will have to bear additional costs. “Since the technical equipment planned for installation will be purchased at the expense of the budget, the maintenance of these devices should also be compensated from budgetary funds,” she said.


    Another amendment concerns the release of providers from liability to customers if the network fails due to the work of “special means of countering threats”.

    Exemption from liability is provided in the bill initially. But it was not clear who in this case would compensate for possible user losses. Senator Bokova proposes to assign these expenses to the state budget. In her opinion, if it will be possible to compensate for losses at the expense of the state, then "officials will think before deciding on interference in the network."

    “Before you turn on the circuit breaker, think ten times how it will affect the networks, whether sensitive services — telemedicine, payments, data transfer, where it happens via the Internet — will suffer,” the senator said.

    According to the latest words of the senator (about the switch), it can be assumed that the system is introduced not for the defense, but for active actions by the authorities.

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