The new decree of the President of the United States significantly limits the work in the country of Chinese IT-companies

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The administration of US President Donald Trump has developed a decree that can significantly complicate the work of China’s telecommunications companies in the United States. It is reported by Bloomberg. According to representatives of the publication, the restrictions are designed to protect the interests of the national security of the country.

At the same time, the decree does not contain the names of specific companies; there is also no direct ban on the sale of services by Chinese companies in the US market. However, if the provisions of the decree are implemented, the powers of the US Department of Commerce regarding the evaluation of products and activities of foreign companies will be significantly expanded.

Unfortunately, it is not yet known when the decree will be signed, and whether it will be signed at all. On the part of the National Security Council of the United States did not follow any instructions. However, the Council plans to ensure the security of American telecommunications networks. After signing the document, the most difficult will be the Chinese Huawei and ZTE.

They will not be able to continue working under normal conditions, the activities of Chinese organizations will be limited. According to experts, the decree can be issued in hard and soft forms. In the first case, the work of large Chinese organizations in the United States is completely banned. In the second, they will be able to continue their activities, but the products will be banned.

The current decree is the continuation of the trade war between the United States and China. The US government, promoting the deployment of fifth-generation networks, fears that China will be able to influence the work of the infrastructure in one way or another. Therefore, the actions of the country's government are tough enough, it is necessary to ensure that "the United States is convinced that the network infrastructure is secure and reliable."

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