Georgia map loading on OpenStreetMap is finished!

    imageHurrah! Finally, the import of the database from JumpStart Georgia has been completed in OpenStreetMap . Up to 1000 volunteers have participated in the creation of this database since October 2009. During the Russian-Georgian war of 2008, many noticed that Google Maps did not have a map of Georgia at all and asked the question “why?”. Google replied that it simply had nowhere to get high-quality map data for Georgia. And then the state institutions of Georgia (especially the National Agency of the Public Register of the Ministry of Justice of Georgia

    ) and the non-profit organization JumpStart Georgia decided to make efforts to make Georgia appear on Google Maps. Starting in October 2009, data collection began. More than 40 organizers and up to 1000 volunteers with GPS devices and Walking Papers participated in the project.

    As a result, all cartographic information was collected and posted for download on the Internet. JumpStart Georgia sent data to Google. In February, a large-scale import of the database in OpenStreetMap ( I wrote about it on Habr ), organized by Rukeli, began . The Russians also took part in the import. In April 2011, Georgia appeared on Google Map Maker .

    And finally, six months later, on September 7, 2011, the import organizer Rukeli announced that it was completed: all 11 regions of the country were loaded, but it was decided not to import Tbilisi, since its map in OSM turned out to be better.

    Rukeli would like to thank everyone who helped import, especially nikusha, Andro, gguj, Glebius and Davidgogishvili. “And of course many thanks to JumpStart International for making this possible. We are happy to finally see all of Georgia on a map, the best and possibly the only good digital map of Georgia, available on the Internet. We look forward to a map improvement from the community and we are glad that everyone can access the map through OSM, as well as . ”

    You can see the map of Georgia here. If you find a mistake or inaccuracy on the map, please report it on a special site for collecting errors and it will be fixed as soon as possible. And better to fix these errors yourself and join in the further improvement of the map .

    All map data is also available on your Android phone (download the fresh * .apk OsmAnd and its data ). There are also other programs for other platforms .

    There is data for Garmin navigators (.img for MapSource) from GIS-Lab and CloudMade , Navitel , CityGID , PocketGIS , Navit ,TomTom . Also available Base administrative division data, coastline, roads OSM XML format, .poly files, shapefiles files, files for Adobe Illustrator and POI in GPX format. Just in case, let me remind you that all the same is available for Russia. And all the data is open - the project data is distributed under the Creative Commons BY-SA version 2.0 license (the link translates the text into Russian!).

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