Germany and France do not want to pass European traffic through the USA

    And again news related to the NSA organization repeatedly mentioned on Habré. This organization, as already mentioned, received (and most likely gets) access to the servers of various kinds of US organizations related to IT. Traffic is monitored, analyzed, and data is collected in the NSA. And it would be nice if it were an internal matter of the USA. But no, because the overwhelming majority of global traffic passes through the United States, and the NSA gets access not only to information from American corporations and organizations, but also to information from relevant European and Asian structures.

    In order to avoid such a situation, European figures suggest not allowing intra-European traffic outside of Europe. According to Reuters, German Chancellor Angela Merkel plans to discuss the creation of a single European network with European figures. First, Merkel will meet with the President of France, and then with other European officials.

    By the way, the NSA even listened to Merkel’s cell phone itself, what can we say about monitoring European network traffic. Now Germany offers not only France, but also other European countries to join forces to work on a new project - the creation of a European closed network, from where European traffic will not go to the United States. Of course, traffic related to the United States (streaming video, messages, accessing sites, etc.) will freely leave the borders of the EU. But traffic that is not related to the United States (take as an example an e-mail sent from Germany to Belgium) should not leave Europe.

    Of course, there are certain technical difficulties, but work on the project is already underway. France has confirmed cooperation with Germany in this matter, so that soon other countries of Europe can join this tandem.

    Via reuters

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