From comfort zone to top developers

It's hard to find motivation in yourself when there is no interest in what you are doing. Therefore, before wasting a lot of time and devoting oneself to some craft, it is worth taking a closer look at the things that will interest you in the future. Indeed, without interest in the profession, nothing good will clearly work. In this post, I would like to describe the moments that helped me make the way to my dream, namely: “To become a programmer”. 

From words to business and a little about yourself. An ordinary guy who was not the most exemplary student, which is now somewhere I regret. At the moment I work as an Android developer in the company Fintech.

Perhaps the first and most difficult thing that has come my way is that at the time of my studies at the university I simultaneously got a good job by the standards (the company provided technical support for Internet projects). Work is not dusty, paid well, in general, all the necessary buns were present. But after a couple of months, I have mastered all the subtleties of this profession and work has become a routine. Every day as a pattern. Which, in principle, encouraged me to further actions, which are described in more detail below:

It is necessary to leave the comfort zone.

Comfort zone - for someone it will be the perfect solution to all problems. You sit in a warm office, well-fed, satisfied, you get a stable salary, doing monotonous tasks that you managed to bring to automatism - a fairy tale. But if you really want to get high on what you are doing, look for yourself, try, suffer, create, do not be afraid to do what's new for you.

After all, the state of things in the world is the following: to become a good developer, you must have perseverance so that nothing can prevent you from finding the exact solution! It is necessary to practice every day what you have already learned and hone your skills. Practice and practice again. And of course, proactivitywhich will help to connect all the small details of one mechanism into one. 

The combination of these qualities is called motivation . It is she who turns dreamers into great developers. Until the problem is resolved ( not to be confused with just sitting on the problem ) we simply do not have the right to move on, it nibbles, does not give rest, sending us to dig into the halls of our mind, until we find a solution and just a solution, but a better solution (creative, tasteful so to speak). 
The desire to remain motivated by the problem until it is resolved.
In my opinion, the main goal of TOP developers is to come to thinking where they literally give a high-quality code (clean code, best practice ala gurus), regardless of the obstacles, problems and uncertainties that we face every day.

Do not be afraid to make mistakes

It's nice to be aware of yourself as person X who, sitting in a chair, solves global problems, creating innovations, bringing something new and useful to this world.

But, alas, not always everything is so rosy and beautiful. We become demoralized when QA informs us about a new serious problem, when a client is not satisfied with the service we offer, and Сrashlyticsas if mad and sending us merciless reports again and again. Sometimes, because of this mode, we do not point out the problem itself, and most importantly the opportunity: to learn a lesson from what we did wrong at some point and not to repeat such mistakes in the future, and perhaps to warn our colleagues in the workshop. After all, there may be a lot of reasons, perhaps for some magical reason, we forgot to write a test for some of the methods, maybe we decided to ignore the reorganization of the code, or simply did not follow the best practices, inventing our wonderful bike.

Each time the problem should be considered from different angles, because often it presents us with a nice easter eggs, you just have to take a closer look. Using this, you can move on.

I want to know everything

At one time on the Internet open spaces wandered movie about 10,000 hours. Yes, undoubtedly, this is a lot, but more important than this time is perhaps only your desire to learn. Regardless how old you are, it's never too late to try something new, to try what you really like. Learning new tools, practices, you gradually move to perfection. After all, going with the flow you can always say to yourself: “I am not very good at this yet. I am going to make a lot of mistakes. I'm going to learn from my mistakes. I'm going to ask for help. I am going to surround myself with people who are good at it and learn from them. Knowledgeable people will respect me, because I am willing to learn, and I will learn. I will give myself the freedom to constantly improve ”, thereby making more and more jerks towards my goal. Fair? It takes a lot of time, sometimes you want to take everything and quit, but realizing that this is your path,

Sometimes we are lucky, the company can hire you to develop your skills, which you yourself want to improve, because you are a dedicated, conscientious employee.
But with all this, do not expect recognition. All good things take time. Move in the right direction and everything will be.

Disputes disputes disputes ...

It’s not worth spending time arguing about how a good developer should be, just be it. Perhaps each developer has his own set of rules / requirements about what a good developer should be. Someone is able to find solutions for a complex task in a matter of seconds, just thinking a little aloud. Someone solves problems all at once. 

And the secret of this is extremely simple - tireless practice . And let us know how to write clean code, adhere to the best practices, but without practice, this knowledge will be simply refined.
Just starting to write code, you understand that you lack professional skills and competence, and this is not because of a lack of desire, but simply because of lack of experience. At this point, the main thing to understand is that the chances of getting something really good are extremely small.

In the development itself, everyone understands that the first time he is not always handsome, let him and the idea that they put into it was just excellent. That is why the development is divided into stages: alpha, beta and production.

So do not be afraid to do something wrong, because to actually do something worthy, you need "three shots."

It's always hard to get started.

How often did you start doing something and throwing halfway? Fortunately, there is always a lot of reasons not to do something:

  • “The courses start too late, and I have such a job at work, I just don’t get enough sleep ”;
  • " I would like to improve my knowledge in machine learning, but on the other hand, why should I do this when there are no projects in the company associated with this ";
  • " The company in which I work does not invest in my training, but what can I do ."

No wonder they say:
There is a desire - there are 1000 opportunities, there is no desire - there are 1000 reasons
In the end, we do not even begin to do what the soul really is.
Alas, fear is a common cause. You like the idea, but you are simply afraid to lay out your work in the light, we are often afraid to become a victim of ridicule from the "spectators" who are always asking for bread and circuses.

But it is action that is the most important part of success. It entails the desire to make your product better, to experience failures and stay ahead.

Now, looking at the time of inactivity, I understand that, starting to try earlier, I would not encounter errors, which I meet now. Yes, they can be difficult, almost impossible, but no, hear? Nothing is impossible! In the end, we pick up the desired rhythm and finish what was postponed for a long time.

Let's sum up a little

I want to say that the development is advantageously different from any other skill. It requires a special set of skills and experience. And it is certainly not a “manual” job, as many might mistakenly assume. All the work in your head.

Development is work and work primarily on yourself, which constantly requires you to learn, to be curious, to practice day after day, making a special contribution to you as if in truth in the TOP of the developer. 

Feel free to try, experiment and it will certainly help you to become the best in your craft.

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