The new brain of Professor Lawrence

    After the accident, I was recovering for a long time. But the professor could not be saved ...
    Lenka met me in the hospital corridor.
    - Well, really very skinny and pale. And some crazy eyes ...

    I was a student of the professor. And always tried to keep track of the flight of his imagination, graceful abstraction from all non-essential. After three stages, when at first they say “this cannot be, then - there is something in it, and finally - but who does not know this”, this is how the results of his work were recognized.
    “Without him, life lost its meaning for me,” I said to Lenka. “I should have died, and he and his mind would remain alive.”
    “And for me, the meaning would be lost without you,” she said quietly.
    - He laid the foundation for a new theory, and I just found an application for it ...
    Now this “thorn” was sitting in my brain.

    Perhaps Lenka really wanted to console me, or maybe she really did find a completely wild idea. Still, she is a specialist in neural networks ...
    - Throw me a list of links to all his works. And yet, all that you remember about him, write it down. The main thing is his reasoning. Thought algorithms. How he came to a certain decision. Remember everything.
    Damn, that's a clever girl. And what did she find in me?

    We met again when I was discharged.
    The neural network built on the basis of Lawrence’s articles was ready. Now I needed to carry it through deep learning.
    To the level of Low to me as to heaven, I do not grab the stars from the sky. I count their characteristics. Sometimes I find some extreme parameters among them. And that's all. And Low just for extreme vengeance and played out like a child with your favorite toys. And spawned a new essence.

    - That's all I could, did - I threw Lenka a trained version of the neural network.
    - Well, let's see what happened.
    We have submitted to the input of the electronic brain of Professor Lawrence several recent articles on the theory of superstrings. The output turned out to be texts confirming or criticizing the conclusions of living authors - all this was reminiscent of the former conclusions of the professor. The generation of new meaning, the proposals of the original scientific constructions in them were absent.
    - You're doing fine. The brain works. And it is probably impossible to distinguish it from the living.
    “But not from living Lo,” I muttered.

    A week later Lenka called:
    - Let's meet.
    Damn, how long have I not seen her.
    She sat opposite me.
    - Do you know what he is missing?
    - Brain?
    - Human sensations.
    - and?
    - He needs to hear, see and so forth.

    A week later we met again.
    - He listened to me and saw enough of everyone. All the best of youtube.
    It is unlikely that this will work out - I thought. Now, if he saw Lenka ... He, of course, was a “handsome” * and would appreciate it, but he would hardly deny admiration for her from the “perfumers” *. I was almost jealous, but for the sake of Lawrence was ready for anything.
    “Look at the camera,” I said to Lenka. - And talk to him.
    - With a professor?
    - Well, not with me.

    Still, I was right. My teacher's brain didn't die at all! A strikingly beautiful idea flashed through it. We sent an article to Science. With the comment "From the notes of Professor Lawrence." He was always far ahead of time ...

    * Lev Davidovich Landau, the Nobel laureate classified men in relation to women, as beautiful women - admirers of pure beauty and fragrant - preferring not so much form as content.

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