What antiviruses are used in modern firewalls

    It is interesting to look at the firewall market in one of the planes: what does antivirus engines look like?


    Antivirus is not just a certain set of signatures, but also an attached laboratory - after all, you need to find a new malicious code, create signatures and distribute them to your customers. The situation is interesting: Check Point does not have its own antivirus, they include the OEM engine with Kaspersky Lab (LK), with which they have difficulties due to sanctionsand they built some other engine, but this is not in the documentation. In the Russian office, they say that this is BitDefender. In Cisco (FTD) included in the delivery ClamAV - free antivirus. Fortinet (FortiGate) and Palo Alto Networks (NGFW) have their own antivirus engine and their own anti-virus labs that supply signatures. The Russian vendor Entensys (UserGate) is the engines from LC, Panda, Avira. The company Ideco (UTM) and Altell (NEO) is Kaspersky and ClamAV. Other Russian firewalls of companies Security Code (Continent), Amikon (FPSU-IP), Infotex (ViPNet), Factor-TS (Dionysus) do not have antivirus at all.

    Manufacturer Firewall Who makes it antivirus
    Altell (NEO)ClamAV, LC
    Amicon (FPSU-IP)-
    Check pointLC, BitDefender
    Cisco (FTD)Clamav
    Entensys (UserGate)LC, Panda, Avira
    Factor-TS (Dionysus)-
    Fortinet (FortiGate)own
    Ideco (UTM)ClamAV, LC
    Infotecs (ViPNet)-
    Palo Alto
    Networks (NGFW)
    Security Code (Continent)-

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