Cafe Maker Coffee Printer Review

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    Cafe maker


    • Printing area, cm: 11 x 11
    • Cup height, cm, to: 18
    • Print speed, seconds per cup: 10-20
    • Resolution: 600x600
    • Price, rubles: 95 938 (price on the day of publication, current, see the website )


    Cafe Maker is a new model in the food printer segment. With it, you can in a matter of seconds apply a pattern on the foam surface of the drink or a small cake.

    In essence, the technology used is in front of us an inkjet printer of a specialized format designed for printing food dyes on specific objects.

    Cafe Maker can print in monochrome mode - with one ink, or with a set of three - blue, red and yellow.

    Refill printer

    Before you start working with the coffee printer, you must make sure that there is a colorant inside the cartridge and, if necessary, fill it.

    If you have ever been engaged in refilling inkjet printer cartridges, the process will seem familiar: a certain amount of dye is poured into an airtight container with a syringe, slowly to avoid the formation of an airlock.

    Ready-to-use cartridges are placed inside the coffee printer on the carriage: on the right, a cartridge for printing with one ink, on the left — for printing in three colors.

    Preparation for printing

    The next step is to install the driver and application to create, prepare and print images. The bundled software can work on any laptop or tablet running Windows.


    Run the CupShow application, it comes with the printer. Image for printing, you can choose from the built-in library or upload your own. Another option is to make an inscription. But the most interesting option is the ability to print your own photos.

    Printing features

    What surfaces can print a coffee printer? If we talk about liquids, then it can be any drink with a dense foam, such as cappuccino, latte, milkshake or beer.

    Capacity requirements: a glass or cup cannot be transparent. Their height must be between 8.5 and 18 centimeters, and the diameter may not exceed 11 centimeters.

    If the printer determines the upper edge of the beverage container itself — there is a sensor inside, then you will have to set the vessel diameter in the CupShow application.


    Place the glass or cup on the platform and press the button on the front surface. The button acts as an indicator: in the standby mode, it lights up yellow, and during the printing process or when it fails, it flashes.

    Printing a single picture, from pressing a button to returning the platform, takes from 10 to 20 seconds.

    You can apply the image and baking. A good option - cake or cookies with light glaze.

    However, no one bothers to experiment. The main thing: the surface should be fairly flat and be at a height of at least 8.5 and not more than 18 centimeters from the platform. For example, we used an inverted cup as a stand for printing on cookies.

    3D Food Printer Family - Foodini , PancakeBot , Chocola3D, Choc Creator - continues to grow. Coffee-printer Cafe Maker can be an excellent tool in the work of a small bakery, coffee shop or workshop for making exclusive baking.

    Are you choosing a food 3D printer for a pastry shop, cafe or bar? Write to us at - we will select the optimal device for your requirements and opportunities.

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