DIY: a sundial showing time in numbers


    3D printing enthusiast and author of the blog Mojoptix , speaking under the nickname Julldozer , presented his project of “digital sundial”. Watches work according to the scheme traditional for a sundial: they must be put in the sun and directed to the north. An interesting feature of this watch is its specially made slots, thanks to which the current time is visible in the form of familiar numbers in the shadow of the watch case ( gnomon ).

    The configuration of the slots was painstakingly calculated by the author and implemented as a 3D project, available for download and print by everyone. The project is also hosted on the Thingiverse platform.where enthusiasts exchange information about their crafts. Judging by the counter of this project, many users already liked the idea, and several dozen people even printed out a copy of such watches.

    However, if you need an original souvenir or gift, but there is no 3D printer at hand, the author even makes it possible to purchase this funny device for $ 80 in the Etsy gift store .

    The author rightly notes that such a device, most likely, can only be made using a 3D printer - since the design of the internal holes is too complex to be made using standard methods such as casting. The author also recommends using ABS plastic for making watches, which better tolerates direct sunlight.

    The author kindly gives special advice for those lovers of a similar hobby who live in the southern hemisphere of our planet - for geometric reasons, in the three-dimensional editor of the project, the watch design will need to be displayed so that it turns upside down and the finished case is directed to the south pole instead of the north one.

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