Specialists study the "meteorite" that killed a man in India

    As previously reported at Geektimes, India recorded the first human death due to a fallen meteorite. The bus driver, strolling peacefully across the campus, was injured incompatible with life after the fall of an object that was later called eyewitnesses by a meteorite.

    Now a team of scientists from the Indian Institute of Astrophysics is studying the crater left by this object and the debris of a fallen celestial body. According to scientists, so far there is no 100% evidence that this is a meteorite. An object can also be a piece of space debris partially burnt in the atmosphere during a fall.

    “Our team is now taking samples from the scene. Studying the origin of the celestial body will take a couple of days. Now we can’t clearly say whether it is a meteorite or not, ” said the official representative of the institute.

    The chief minister of the state of Tamil Nadu, Jayalalita (Tamil Nadu, Jayalalithaa), first spoke about the meteorite. “The misfortune happened on Saturday when a meteorite fell on the campus of a private college in the Vellore area of ​​Pantharappalli,” he said after examining the scene.

    Eyewitnesses speak of a strange sound on a Saturday afternoon, followed by a blow. At the crash site, nearby buses were damaged, windows were broken, there were injured - 3 people, and one dead, as mentioned above.

    Police say rock fragments have been removed from the body of the deceased bus driver. Part of the fallen object found at the scene has magnetic properties, most likely it is metal. As mentioned above, an object may not be a meteorite, but a fragment of a spacecraft that partially burned out in the Earth’s atmosphere when it fell. But for sure we will find out about this only in a day or two.

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