Useful software: 7 mobile applications for photographers

    Hi Geektimes! Recently, I am fond of photography and comprehensively study this topic. In the process of selecting tools for shooting, the question arose of whether there are any mobile applications that help beginner and professional photographers to take better pictures.

    In today's article, I present to you a list of 7 applications that I found interesting and suitable for solving this problem.

    PlanIt! Photographes

    An application that is used to determine natural light sources, depending on various factors - location, terrain, etc. The tool allows you to calculate the optimal lighting parameters for shooting using various devices with different types of matrices.

    The main screen of the application is a map on which you can position the place and subject. The card itself can be sketchy, satellite or in 3D format. Data on the distance to the object and the parameters of the available lighting are displayed in a special window - information can be calculated not only on the horizontal plane, but also vertically or relative to the horizon. There are no built-in knowledge bases or collections of tuning tips in the application, so it is more suitable for professional photographers.

    Price : Free

    OS : Android

    The Photogapher's Ephemeris (TPE)

    A tool that helps photographers find a good place to shoot outdoors. The application shows information about the angle of incidence of sunlight or moonlight at a certain point in the day, data on the phases of the moon, the time of dusk, the amount of shadows, upcoming changes in the weather, etc.

    Also, using TPE, you can specify a point in the sky at which light is needed, and the application will show when the sun should appear there. Thus, when shooting landscape landscapes, you can select an object like a tree and find out when it can be beautifully removed at dawn, so as not to waste time waiting in vain.

    Price : $ 8.99 (iOS), $ 365.69 (Android)

    OS : Android / iOS / Web

    Sun surveyor

    A tool for calculating the position of natural light sources like the Sun and Moon. Based on GPS and data from a gyroscope and accelerometer, Sun surveyor can create three-dimensional projections of the motion of celestial bodies, and statistics are also calculated, for example, about the location of shadows at a particular point in time.

    The application includes an interactive map of the area and a 3D compass, which is useful when shooting directly from a smartphone.

    Price : Free

    OS : Android

    Dark sky finder

    In order to make a good photo of the night sky, you still need to find an unlit portion of it. Using the application, Dark Sky Finder can determine the darkest places by superimposing light areas on a Google map (moreover, you can choose a satellite view, street view or a hybrid map).

    Price : $ 2.99

    OS : iOS

    Easy release

    When shooting, in which people are involved, photographers often need to obtain permission to use their images. Such a document is called a model release — known photobanks often also require its availability when uploading photos.

    The Easy Release app makes it easy for the photographer to get model releases. With its help, you can quickly generate a document in PDF format, which the person participating in the shooting can sign with a simple flick of the finger across the screen. Of course, the resulting document has a limited scope, and the Russian court is unlikely to take it into account in case of problems, but large photo stocks like Getty Images take it.

    Price : $ 9.99

    OS : Android / iOS

    Posing App

    A simple and easy-to-use application for beginner photographers, which helps to choose a good pose for a person for a photo, depending on different situations, features of a figure or clothing. The application contains a large database of possible poses for group and single shots, categorized - for example, for children, women, men, wedding and group shots.

    In addition, the Posing App stores a database of tips for choosing a pose in certain cases - the only minus is that they are all in English.

    Price : 89 rub.

    OS : Android

    Do Camera by IFTTT

    Good photos can be taken not only with a professional camera, but also with a good smartphone. And to make a mobile device even more powerful tool helps the application from the famous site IFTTT. Like the main service, the application uses "recipes" with which you can automate certain tasks.

    For example, you can set up a recipe that will take a photo, and then automatically upload the image to a cloud storage like Dropbox for later work, or send a picture in a letter to a specific address. You can also configure this way to automatically publish images to social networks without having to open the corresponding applications.

    Price : Free

    OS : Android / iOS

    That's all for today, thanks for watching! Share links to other useful applications for photographers in the comments.

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