Movies and Cryptocurrencies or Starring: Bitcoin

    On February 3, the next festival “Bitcoin Wednesday” starts in Amsterdam, the organizers of which have been regularly showing films about bitcoin for two years in a row. However, Bitcoin is no longer only interested in loyal fans, geeks and entrepreneurs. Millions of people daily use bitcoin and blockchain to carry out large and small transactions, conclude contracts and transactions. As it turned out, a wave of public recognition and interest in cryptocurrency can even entice whales from the world of the mass film industry. The interest in cryptocurrency in Hollywood is valuable evidence of Bitcoin entering the mainstream.

    Tomer Cantor, a director and producer from Hollywood, believes that the author’s vision of a film director, as a rule, does not leave the audience a choice, but dictates ready-made answers. Bitcoin is another tool in the director’s hands, and its use testifies to the desire of the filmmakers to offer the audience this path.

    According to Kantor, as bitcoin “grows up”, we will increasingly see references to it in films and on TV, if only because viewers want to know about it.

    Kantor himself has already managed to produce and shoot two documentaries about cryptocurrency: “Internal States” (2015) and “Bitcoin in Kenya” (2014).

    Cinema reflects public interest

    As bitcoin’s turnover grows, more and more documentaries and feature films about it appear in the world. Cinema is a litmus test that indicates that a certain technology affects and affects the lives of a large number of people.
    When the Internet and personal computers became current trends, the film industry immediately responded to a new public request, said Steve Beauregard, head and founder of GoCoin .

    “When BlackBerry smartphones first appeared on the market, it was obvious that they would become popular, so they flashed into movies and TV shows,” Boregard recalls. “The same can be said about bitcoin, which someone learns from the movie "Drug" , and someone from the documentary. It’s clear that this is no longer a trifle. ”

    Other examples of film reflection of technological development

    The first documentary on personal computers and the Internet was filmed in 1980 and was called “ Terminal Madness ”. In the same year, VIC-20 sold a million PCs.

    Film Google Boys was filmed in 2004. That same year, August 18, Google has placed its shares for the first public sale on Wall Street at a price of 19,605,052 shares of Class A.

    "The Social Network» ( of The List Social the Network ), - a popular film about Facebook was released in 2010, in a year when the number of active users of this global network exceeded 500 million. The film won the award of the Hollywood Film Assembly.

    Head of SiamoSoci and Member of BlockchainLabDario Gvidici argues that the film industry and television always focus on revolutionary innovations and unique startups. In his opinion, the film industry and innovations are closely related, which is quite natural, since cinema is a reflection of reality, and interest in the new and extraordinary is understandable. On the other hand, cryptotechnologies are already affecting and, in part, shaping our daily lives, which means that we should also talk about this, and again Bitcoin is relevant.

    Films about bitcoin and blockchain

    Since 2012, authors from different countries have shot a lot of video materials about Bitcoin . Among them were documentaries about “Bitcoin in Argentina” and “Bitcoin in Uganda” , “ The end of money as we know it ”, “ The rise and rise of Bitcoin ”, movies. Several world-famous television shows touched on the topic of bitcoin in their next issues, and popular TV shows did not ignore him ( “Almost a Man” ).

    Big budget movie projects

    One of the latest major projects is Deep Network , a documentary about the fate of Ross Ulbricht and the Silk Road lawsuit. The budget of the film, in the amount of $ 80 thousand, was collected through crowdfunding using the Kickstarer platform.

    Another feature film, "Drug" , was shot with a budget of 7 thousand dollars. “Narcotic” became the first movie in the American box office, for which it became possible to pay with bitcoins, thanks to the partnership of Lionsgate, Movie Tickets and GoCoin (now users can pay for tickets for any Lionsgate film).

    On March 2, 2016, in Amsterdam, as part of the next screening of films dedicated to Bitcoin, a Russian documentary about Bitcoin will be shown“Gold of the digital age” , in the creation of which we also took part - the team of the cloud mining service Hashflare .


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