What to spend 3 days off in honor of February 23? We organize races on RC cars

New Year's holidays are left behind, the first working week is over and now there is little time to prepare for the February weekend. Judging by the official calendar - on Saturday the 20th we will work, but on 21-22-23 it will be possible to have a wonderful rest. But what can you do this weekend? For those who do not plan a traditional sofa party with a TV remote control in their hands - I will offer a party with a remote control from the rc model.


To organize a rally on r / y cars

1. First of all, you need to choose the type of rc-cars of the racers, after which the type of race, track and referee system will be understood.

2. Once you have decided on the type of race, you need to create a track in the form of rc-cars, since each should have a different coating. For example, we choose asphalt, since in winter it is most convenient to carry out under the roof in a warm parking lot. If it does not work out with parking, the gym of any school can become a substitute, it is certainly not asphalt, but it is a smooth surface. Races of this type are divided into circular and speed races (acceleration). Also, for example, take ring races as the most interesting and widespread.

3. First, you need to remove the territory where the race will take place from small debris, establish restrictions showing the route of the track. It is also not unimportant to create spectator seats, places for judges and, most importantly, convenient places for the riders themselves. Mark the starting position for the circuit races (it differs from the acceleration races, since not 2, but 8 to 30 participants participate). The start-up signal can be thought of differently, including the sound played from a smartphone.

Also, acceleration races, such as qualifying rounds, can be included in one competition. The preparation of the track here is much simpler, we measure out a direct territory in the garage with a distance of 20 meters, and mark it with markings. For the convenience of starting, instead of a sound signal, a person may act, signaling the riders about the beginning with hand gestures.

4. If, nevertheless, you have chosen to conduct races in the open air, then in the winter the rally type is most likely suitable. You need to tamp in advance and create an obstacle course. To do this, you just need a shovel, thanks to which it will be just as easy to create restrictive barriers on the sides of the track.

For the comfort of the audience, prepare a table with hot tea and small snacks. All this is necessary so that people arrive in a good mood and mood, and do not curse the day when they decided to come to see the race.

5. A week before the competition, give a free ad to your city group, newspaper or television. I assure you, regional television will be happy to come to shoot the plot.

6. It is necessary to prepare a registration sheet for the riders themselves, all who will participate. it is advisable to do this in advance by indicating this sheet in your ad. All this will help to more clearly conduct the qualifying round and will not look delitansky.

7. The most important thing is the prizes for the first three places in importance. You should also remember to mention them in the announcement. Think carefully about them, because without a prize, of course, you will have enough people, but it will already be at the level of yard races.

If you do everything right, then you will get something like:

But most likely the effect on the video will look like this:

And for boat fans you can try a boat in the snow:

In any case, I guarantee that the pleasure of racing will be great, as it causes a lot of positive emotions.

As for the cars themselves, any model that has a battery on board, not batteries, is suitable. Of the small, nimble, but not very expensive ones, I can advise the S600

. I tested this little beast in the summer, and in the fall we even organized small races, but, due to a series of accidents, reports on these events were not preserved, so the material did not go out. The cost of $ 39.33 (*) this machine justifies, but on the street you always want high speeds.

However, given the winter conditions and street racing - I advise you to choose something larger and more powerful.


A detailed review of Feiyue-01 we publishedat the beginning of September , so it only remains to add that for $ 56.80 (*) you will get an order of magnitude more power and pleasure with this very adult model that can reach a speed of 40 km / h and pass any obstacles.

I am sure that local fans of RC have many of their ideas regarding racing cars, so I hope that we will soon find all these ideas in the comments.


imageSpending a weekend in a friendly male company for a common cause is priceless, and such an event will be remembered much better than another trip to bowling or billiards. The question price for each participant is about $ 50, and given the holiday - you can give each other this holiday, combining business with pleasure.

In addition, you can organize with strangers. The forum.rcdesign.ru forum always has a lot of enthusiasts from different cities who are just waiting to get out for a ride somewhere and even there is a corresponding section - Meetings, dates .

What to ride in general, there is no difference, but for honesty it is better to compare the characteristics before the race, so that on the track you can understand who wins due to professionalism and experience, and who simply cannot compete physically. But it is better to buy the same models, of course, and then the one who shows the greatest skill will win.

That's all, but it's time for me to pick up a shovel and dig a track for organizing mini-races in Moscow. With you was a simple service for choosing sophisticated Dronk.Ru equipment . Do not forget to subscribe to our blog , there will be many more interesting things.

ps * ref - you can return up to 5% of the purchase price by purchasing goods from these links.
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